My Lovely Planet, the most ecological mobile game!

My Lovely Planet, the green mobile game

The My Lovely Planet mobile game has been specially designed to take action for the environment without leaving your sofa! Indeed, the application converts your game time into actions for the environment. Let's discover together this unprecedented game, which should please the lovers of our beautiful planet!

My Lovely Planet, the simulation game that plants trees!

So, if you care about the environment and love mobile games, My Lovely Planet is for you! This game will be available on iOS and Android, it takes the concept of the Ecosia browser and allows you to plant trees on earth, simply by playing!

The game was born out of two observations: mobile games are in vogue and they make a lot of money. So we might as well take advantage of this trend to help the planet! This is why Clément Le Bras, co-founder of the search engine Lilo, decided to launch his mobile game project where the goal is to plant trees! Guess what, when you plant a tree in the game, well, a tree is planted on Earth!

My Lovely Planet Project

The Lilo search engine already aimed to fund social and environmental projects. The My Lovely Planet application takes the same approach and offers players a unique experience. This game is a simulation game. The originality: all virtual actions are transposed into the real world (well, almost). The goal is to develop your own Zen garden. You have to take care of your garden space and clean up the waste! Numerous mini-games make up this fun game that mixes reflection and arcade game.

Charities will benefit from part of the revenues of My Lovely Planet

This mobile game is an ecological and committed game. That is why the developers have thought the project through and propose to donate part of the proceeds to charity. The game is free for users, but many ads will help finance it.

  • 55% of the revenue goes back to the company to develop the project.
  • 30% are platform fees (Google Play and App Store).
  • 15% of the amount is donated to partner associations.

For the moment, very few donations have been registered due to the lack of communication about this upcoming mobile game. However, the company wants to develop a community ofat least 100 million people to make the project meaningful! Moreover, the project promises to plant a tree for each new participant in their fundraising campaign. This action is possible thanks to Eden Reforestation Projects, an association that also offers goodies and virtual gifts in the game itself. The goal of this fundraising campaign is 15,000 euros for the My Lovely Planet project. If they manage to reach 30,000 euros, the instigators of the project aim to create a multiplayer version of the game.

So, do you find this project interesting? We do! Participate in the fundraising campaign if you can so that this project can become a reality! In an age where ecology concerns us all, we might as well participate in the well-being of the planet and the common welfare by having fun, right?

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