NBA All-World released on Android and iOS

NBA All-World released on Android and iOS

Basketball fans beware with the NBA All-World release, Niantic's new geolocation-based mobile game. Get ready to shoot your best free throws and three-pointers to recruit the best NBA players. We reveal our first impressions on the content and gameplay of NBA All-World.

NBA All-World release on mobile

With the NBA All-World release on mobile, Niantic, known for Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloomis staying true to its previous productions. Using the same principle of getting players out of their homes to recruit new players, participate in activities and obtain rewards, the studio is now tackling the world of basketball.

NBA All-World is a geo-location based game where your real life movements have an in-game impact. Scour your surroundings to discover new points of interest and meet players to compete against and perhaps recruit to your team.

It is a pity that it is not possible to switch quickly from one player to another, because in the player selection only the rank, level and skill score appear. However, number crunchers like me would also like to be able to compare the attack, defense and fitness scores of each player.

The game modes and rewards

During your outings on NBA All-World, when you come across a player within your range, you have the opportunity tochallenge them. For the moment, we could try four different game modes:

  • Time trial: score as many baskets as possible in 45 seconds;
  • Around the world: score baskets in a row to go back and forth from the area around the basket;
  • First to 5: score 5 free throws before your opponent;
  • Three-point shooting contest: score more three-point shots than your opponent in 12 attempts at various locations.
Gameplay of the NBA All-World release

Victories in challenges allow you to earn reputation points, which are the main currency of the game. But more importantly, like Pokémon GO, you can recruit defeated players to expand your team.

However, some players require a certain team level to be recruited. To increase your team level, win challenges and complete team tasks.

That's it for our first impressions of NBA All-World release, available on Android and iOS in early access, only in France, before the worldwide release on January 24, 2023. We'll be sure to tell you more about it when we have a little more time to play.

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