Get your summer gaming fix with these new Netflix releases

New Netflix games on mobile this summer

At JeuMobi, we love Netflix game releases. For those who already have a subscription to the series, it costs nothing extra. It's ad-free and of premium quality. Soon, the American firm's catalogue will be getting a whole host of new games for the summer! From battles in the land of the Prince of Dragons to Don't Starve Together, we take a look at what Netflix has in stock for the coming months.

What's new on Netflix in June: Golden Idol, Cozy Grove, Hearts

You don't have to look far for new Netflix games in June! And it starts with a game from the Netflix Stories series, narrative episodes to choose from on mobile. On 6 June, the Perfect Match villa will get an interactive story. Later, you'll also find the visual novels Emily in Paris and Selling Sunset.

Perfect Match mobile game released on Netflix

On 11 June, you'll leave the villa for a great adventure as a detective in an investigation that seems to link no fewer than 12 murders in The Case of the Golden Idol. With "extremely positive" reviews on Steam and an original investigation system reminiscent of the board game Chronicles of Crime, The Case of the Golden Idol is eagerly awaited on smartphones!

The Hearts card game arrives on 18 June in an intuitive and strategic version. And to complete the package, Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit will be hitting the stores on 25 June. This cozy game rewards your kindness and the services you render to the spirits that populate your village. Lots of good vibes for the summer.

Lots of tension in July: The Dragon Prince: Xadia, Too Hot to Handle...

The beginning of July will be rather quiet... until the release of Too Hot to Handle 3 on 23 July. We're already three games into this reality show? I feel like I've missed an episode, but if the people come back for more, Netflix will be providing tension and virtual seduction games for the summer!

Then, sharpen your weapons and prepare for the arrival of The Dragon Prince: Xadia on July 30. I'm so excited about this co-op RPG! The DA is beautiful, the universe is fantastic (even more so if you're a fan of the series like me) and I hope the challenge will be there. In any case, I know what I'm doing on 30 July.

And more to come with Arranger, Don't Starve Together and LOTR

There's still plenty of great stuff to come in your Netflix subscription. Firstly, the puzzle game Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure is also aiming for a summer release. Then there's the cooperative survival game Don't Starve Together, which should find its way onto our phones. Then there's Rotwood, with its single-player and co-op battles, Harmonium: The Musical, Lab Rat, and even Tales of the Shire, featuring a cozy hobbit life in the LOTR universe.

It's a packed programme! And we're still loving the selection of independent games that have been ported to phones in good conditions thanks to the Netflix subscription. The'coming soon' games are highlighted in a trailer released by Netflix Games a few hours ago.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.
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