GWENT 9.6 update, 12 new maps for winter and the Wild Hunt season

Gwent 9.6 winter update and 12 new maps

The Wild Hunt season starts today! Fans of TCG and The Witcher universe are in for a treat. For this Gwent 9.6, you'll find new maps by faction, balance changes and some navigation improvements. Then, we present you the season modes for December and their specificities. Follow us in this discovery of the new season. And to close the Mahakam season, this weekend German GWENT World Champion Alexander "TLG_Cyberz" Schmidt received the honours and his share of the 71,000 dollars at stake for this tournament.

New Gwent 9.6 maps by type

For these cards in the Wild Hunt season of Gwent 9.6, each type has 2 additions. Let's find out about the new cards and their Deployment abilities and all their special effects during their life on the game board.

Monster Cards

On the monster side , the Insectoid Arachas Queen (cost: 10, strength: 6) has an effect when it is deployed. Its Deployment allows the Arachas Queen to devour an ally (nice). If it is an Insectoid ally, an Arachas Nest appears for you. For her Baroud d'honneur, the Queen generates a basic copy of the devoured unit on the line.

Regis the Risen Vampire, also Monster, (cost: 13, strength: 1) drains 3 HP from an enemy when it Deploys. At the end of your turn, if the unit is in your hand or game, its starting strength increases by +1 if an enemy is affected by Bleed. Blood is required with these cards from Gwent 9.6.

New Wild Hunt Gwent maps 9.6

Skellige cards

For the Skellige, let's start with Cerys - the fearless, human and warrior (cost: 10, strength: 4). After dealing 9x damage to allies, summon this unit with Zeal to your ranged line from your deck. With Order, heal one ally and deal as much damage to another ally as the first unit healed, for a 1 turn reuse.

King Bran - human, warrior and veteran (cost: 11, strength: 5) improves by 0 points at Deployment. On the other hand, this value increases by +1 each time excess damage is inflicted on an enemy unit. At the start of the game, activate the Veteran ability of the units on your side.

Scoia'tael cards from Gwent 9.6

Milva - skilled and human markswoman (cost: 11, strength: 2) with Zeal has several effects. First, Order: inflict 2 points of damage to an enemy unit. Lethal blow: put the unit back into your deck and shuffle the cards. Each time you move an enemy, summon Milva on the opposite line and inflict 1 damage point.

On the other hand, Saskia lands with Gwent 9.6. Commander Invulnerable Dragon (cost: 13, strength: 4) acts on deployment. Deployment ability: If your starting deck contains min. 10 different main categories, summon from your deck a random Bronze unit of the Scoia'tael with a different main category on that line. After your turn, reduce the counter by 1. At 0, reset the counter to 3 and repeat the Deployment effect.

Northern Kingdoms cards

Long awaited by fans, King Radovid V joins the game (cost: 10, strength: 6). Human and soldier, he's ready to shake your Witcher heart. On Deployment, if your leader skill has a counter greater than 1, add one use. For the Order, repeat the Deployment.

King who takes and I do it again (only Yellow Dwarf players will understand), another king invites itself among the cards of Gwent 9.6. King Henselt, Human and Soldier (cost: 13, strength: 3, armor: 1) acts at Deployment when you play a card with Support. Whenever the reuse time of an adjacent unit decreases, upgrade the unit by an amount equal to that reduction.

Union cards

Cyrus Engelkind Hemmelfart, Human, Firebrand (Cost: 12, Strength: 3, Armor: 1) with Benefit of 4 piasters. With Deployment, generate and play Congregation. The 2-piaster Benefit allows you to destroy an allied Firebringer ephemera card and summon a Bronze unit of the same type from your graveyard to that location with a 1-turn reuse.

Once a king, always a king: the Beggar King is no longer absent (end of rhymes, I promise. Human and Ignored (cost: 10, strength: 4), the Beggar King offers in 1 piastre pledges to improve the unit by 1 pt. As long as it is in your game, you remove 1 pt from the counter for each piastre paid when you pay a Tribute. Each pt removed from the counter gives you 1 piastre. At 0 on the counter, summon the unit to a random ally line. The counter starts at 9.

Nilfgaard cards

Ardal aep Dahy, human and aristocrat (cost: 12, strength: 7) allows with Deployment (at a distance), when no player turns and your enemy does not have a full hand, to move an opposing unit (not condemned) whose strength is less than or equal to the Tactics card count in your starting deck to the enemy's hand and then draw a card.

Finally, the last unit among Gwent 9.6's Wild Hunt cards, Jan Calveit, human and artistocrat (cost: 12, strength: 8) offers you the opportunity with Deployment to sort the cards in your deck in descending order of cost. At the start of the game, move this unit one space per Tactical card in your starting deck.

Many adjustments have been made to various units, so I suggest you check out the official patch notes at the bottom of this article.

Start of the Wild Hunt season and end of Mahakam

The launch of the Wild Hunt season was announced earlier today on the Twitter account. To mark the occasion, we're recapping the list of Gwent 9.6 season modes.

December and January season modes :

  • From December 7 to 14, "Patience is a Virtue!" will offer you the opportunity to replace cards in your hand with random cards with a +1 recruitment cost.
  • From 14 to 21 December, the "Double Throw" will affect you 1x per turn. By playing a special card, you gain a copy to play on the spot.
  • From December 21 to 28, right during the holiday season, "Power Shift" will act at the beginning of the game, giving you the ability to set the strength of each unit in your starting set based on its cost.
  • From 28 December to 4 January, "Martial Rush" offers the two players who face each other the chance to complete their turn in 8 seconds and the exchange phase in 15 seconds.
  • From the 4th to the 13th of January, the seasonal "Tilt" mode will force you to pay attention to numbers! At the end of the turn, the units of the player of the ending turn suffer 1 pt damage if they have an odd strength and are improved by 1 pt if this strength is even.

All the information published by the publisher can be found on the game's official website. In addition to being graphically beautiful, it's a real goldmine of information for passionate gamers. And for more fun this holiday season, we offer you our top of the best trading card games on mobile this year.

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