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Floryn Mobile Legends: new hero arrives

Floryn Mobile Legends new character

The next patch will introduce Floryn from Mobile Legends, a brand new hero to play in the hit mobile MOBA. At the moment, the exact release date is not known. But Floryn will definitely be available in September. By the way, the support mage who can heal his allies will not be the only attraction of the patch. Several characters such as Saber, Kaja and Pharsa will also receive adjustments. So be sure to check out our recap to see if your hand has been nerfed or buffed.

These may be details for you, but the developers will also take the opportunity to fix some identified bugs. So there will be no excuse to lose games in Ranked.

Floryn Mobile Legends and balancing

As you might expect from her appearance (on the cover image), Floryn Mobile Legends is a support mage. She levitates above the battlefield and calls upon nature to help her allies and hinder her enemies. Her passive is also unique, as it allows her to share an item with one of her teammates! It's hard to imagine anything more altruistic. We'll also greatly appreciate his ultimate skill, which allows him to heal all his allies globally, regardless of their position on the field. You'll have to be vigilant and keep an eye on the life bar of your team members.

Aamon Mobile Legends
  • On the balancing side, Pharsa, Aamon and Karina receive a buff. These three heroes are not very popular at the moment and the developers hope to make them popular again. It's hard to predict the outcome, but the recovery time of Karina's ultimate skill has been significantly reduced (42-34s to 34-26s).
  • Saber, Kaja, Harley, Revamped Kagura and Natan receive a nerve.
  • Finally Aldous gets a general balancing to make him stronger in the early game and less strong in the late game.

Bug fixes with patch 1.6.06

Nana Mobile Legends
  • Nana's movements return to normal after she gets her boomerang back.
  • Yi Sun-Shin no longer bug when he returns to the base on his turtle boat.
  • The countdown is displayed well above Aamon and more randomly to the side.
  • Granger no longer changes direction during the launch of his ultimate.
  • Sun's double no longer appears on the map in an unpredictable way when it disappears.

If you have encountered other bugs, you will probably have to wait until the next patch to see them fixed. In the meantime, why not try Floryn?

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