New Human Fall Flat level for the 5th anniversary of the game

New content 5 years Human Fall Flat

On July 23, 2021, the mobile puzzle game Human Fall Flat celebrated its fifth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the mainstream puzzle title is adding new content with the release of a new level. This guarantees a fun and offbeat time, just like the jewel created by No Brakes Games and Codeglue. Additional level (level 18), addition of three skins. Let's have a look at all the latest news about Human: Fall Flat!

New laboratory level Human Fall Flat 5 years
New Human Fall Flat laboratory level for its 5th anniversary

5 years of Human Fall Flat and content offered to players

Human: Fall Flat is celebrating its 5th anniversary, just like King of Avalon. For this 5th anniversary, the game offers various new bonuses for all players. Amongst the added elements, we find the very last Laboratory level, announced by the game team. This level will be released this summer and will be a fitting celebration of the 30 million Human Fall Flat copies sold.

This level is not insignificant, as it was created by the winner of the Fantastic Machines competition. In fact, the famous budding programmer, named Buler, won $10,000 for his efforts. The new Laboratory level features a secret laboratory where the forces of physics become YOUR toys and real entities. For example, you will be able to wield electricity or challenge magnetism.

In addition to this new level, players will be able to sport three skins never before seen in the game. The three wonders were designed by the HFF community, for the HFF community! The Jester, the Wrestler and the Painter represent the respective creations of the first three winners of the recent Dress to Impress contest. Note that the other seven winners will release their skins later this year on the game.

Human Fall Flat 5-year design competition
Human Fall Flat 5-year design competition

By the way, if you also want to take part in a competition for the 5th anniversary of the game, you can. All you have to do is register for the 5th anniversary level design competition. You have until August 12, 2021. All in all, an unforgettable 5th anniversary Human Fall Flat, right? And if not, tell us what you think of the level Buler created on HFF!

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