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Among Us Update: new task and new languages

new task Among Us

The little astronauts are still not tired of working in their spaceship. They are still tirelessly emptying bins, repairing electrical wires or loading petrol. But Innersloth has decided to spice up its repetitive missions. With the new update, players will have the opportunity to perform a new Among Us task. It may seem like a small detail to you, but this kind of addition is always welcome. It helps to renew the game experience, which can quickly become repetitive over time... Especially when you spend an evening in full-crewmate!

The developers have not been idle and they take the opportunity to fix some bugs, add languages and release merchandise with a collector edition. We summarize everything you need to know in the article, but for those who want to read the full patch it's here.

In-game update: new Among Us task and bug fixes.

new task Among Us pizza in the wind
Who put pizza in the wind?!

The new Among Us update introduces a new task to players. This addition may change the metagame, as it will now be possible to clean air vents... A cleaned vent will momentarily prevent the use of the vent by an impostor. If by chance, a player is already in the vent... He will then be expelled and forced to leave. So beware of bad encounters! The impostors will have to adapt and pay attention to the air vents that are not available and those that are likely to be cleaned... A new Among Us task that changes the game.

There was also an bug in-game problem that blocked players on the spot after a meeting. The technicians have worked well and this problem should no longer occur. Other small adjustments have been made, but they mainly concern aesthetic elements (alignment of letters, direction of movement of clouds...).

An ever more inclusive game

In terms of available languages, the developers have added Chinese (traditional and simplified) as well as Irish. This should please those who speak this regional Celtic language and will allow you to play easily with even more players from all over the world.

merch Among Us exclusive

The Chinese and Irish are not the only ones who are getting a kick from Among Us. Innersloth has also decided to spoil its console players, while Among Us remains mostly popular among PC and mobile players. The game can be pre-ordered on various platforms (PS4, PS5, X1 and Switch) and exclusive merchandise is available. There are several offers at $20.99 (crewmate edition), $49.99 (impostor edition) and $89.99 (ejected edition). In these boxes, you can get pins, stickers, plushies and desktop wallpapers. So, are you ready to enjoy this new Among Us task in the next update?

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