Niantic Campfire: the community application to bring players together

Niantic Campfire app released

Join gamers around the world with Niantic Campfire release, the new community app from Niantic Labs, and never play alone again. Share your experience and meet the players around you. Let's discover the features of this social network reserved for Niantic titles users.

Meet the players near you with Niantic Campfire

In order to bring its players together, the studio Niantic Labs has just made official Niantic Campfire release, its application to bring together users of its various titles. To contextualise, Niantic Labs is a Chinese studio specialising in augmented reality known for the games Ingress, Pokémon GO and most recently Pikmin Bloom.

VIsual of Pokémon GO from Niantic Labs

As the games developed by Niantic are based on GPS location, Niantic Campfire fills the gap in the community aspect of Niantic's games. Designed as an internal social network for the studio's games, Niantic Campfire release aims to bring players together on a common platform. In Campfire, you'll be able to locate nearby players, join groups and organise events to get to know the players around you.

How the application works

When you launch the application, a map of your location displays points of interest and players near you. A tab allows you to access the communities near your location according to the games.

In addition to the most popular titles, such as Pokémon GO or Pikmin Bloom, there are several other titles in the app, such as SF Resistance, Bay Bloomers or Marin County Trainers. Expand your friends list and interact with players in one-on-one or group conversations. You'll be able to send messages, photos, and share your location with other players. Your location will automatically disappear after one hour, so as not to pollute the conversation.

Niantic Campfire application

A sharing feature allows you to tell your friends about nearby Raids or Arenas. It is also possible to place a beacon on the map, to warn of the appearance of a rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO for example.

That's it for the Niantic Campfire release on iOS and Android. The app will receive regular updates to flesh out its features, but is shaping up to be a portal that wants to connect players. As a reminder, you can still pre-register for Niantic Labs' upcoming games: Peridot and NBA All World.

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