Code J : the new Metal Slug game on mobile

new metal slug code J

The Chinese giant Tencent made a big revelation at its annual conference. A new game in the Metal Slug series will soon be released on mobile! Called for the moment Metal Slug: Code J, there are still many details to discover.
But by watching the official presentation video, several things are certain. Fans of the franchise will not be disoriented and the new mobile game remains faithful to the run and gun game system and keeps very similar cartoon graphics . Find out what we know about the game so far!

The official presentation video.

Metal Slug: Code J, a game faithful to the series

The game will not be very revolutionary. Tencent knows the recipe and knows that a Metal Slug game has to stick to the rest of the series. Once again, it will be a question of navigating levels in a 2D world. You'll have to run, shoot enemies, jump on platforms and defeat various bosses to advance in the game. Classic but effective components.

There are a few new features that should satisfy players. Among them, the ability to freeze enemies or the presence, limited but notable, of 3D gameplay. It seems that for this opus, players will be able to play as 4 different characters. They will surely have their own weapons and characteristics.

Metal Slug Code J
A new Metal Slug game is coming!

Next steps for the game

There is no official release date for the game yet. However, it is possible to pre-register on the website, even if it seems a bit complicated for the moment...
The website is in Chinese, so we may have to wait a bit more to get morereliable information in French or English. In any case the game should be available on Android and iOS, so there will be no jealousy. Not much more is known at the moment, except that the game is being developed in close collaboration with the Japanese studio SNK Corporation. The studio behind the new MOBA Pokemon Unite.

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