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The Nuggets Among Us sold for $100,000!

Nuggets Among Us

Everyone has their own guilty pleasures. For some, it's the McDonalds nuggets. Sold in boxes of 4, 6, 9 or 20, it's not always easy to resist their golden, crispy frying. We leave it to the dieticians to judge their energy content, but these nuggets have a definite advantage. Their price remains economical (maximum 12 euros). A price that seems almost ridiculous when compared to the Nuggets Among Us. With its astronaut shape, it has made the rounds on the web. It caused a stir and triggered some impressive bids, with someone finally buying it for almost $100,000! Some small pleasures cost more than others... 🤑

What would you have done with that kind of money? We'll let you do the math, but 100,000 euros is a lot of Maxi Best Of menus! 😂
A slightly suspicious Nuggets...

Why is this Nuggets Among Us special?

No matter how many times you turn the question around, the real value of this Nugget is nowhere near $100,000. The seller was well aware of this because he set a modest starting price of $0.99. But the bidding quickly got out of hand and reached logically high levels. Two main factors explain this craze:

  • The shape of the Nuggets is quite distinctive and reminiscent of the astronauts from Among Us. Since its shape is accidental as well as unusual, it can be said to be unique.
  • This Nuggest Among Us is said to come from a BTS menu. A special menu that is not sold everywhere and that honours the K-Pop group. This group is very popular and has a crazy fan base, the Army, ready for all the eccentricities for their idols.

We can also add that due to the craze, some people had to participate in the auction just to laugh and be part of this historical moment. Others may have also seen it as a golden opportunity to own a unique piece, which could later be resold to anAmong Us and/or BTS fan. Either way, whoever finally bought this Nuggets Among Us for $100,000 may not be as dumb as they seem... Unless they're quick to devour it with ketchup. 🤭

BTS K-Pop group at McD's
When the Army is around, nothing makes sense anymore.

Innersloth could make it a skin

The developers of Among Us had nothing to do with it, but they had a good laugh at this unlikely situation. They took the opportunity to share a little video montage on the networks to honour this Nuggets that is worth more than a car. There are rumours that a special skin could soon be released... We don't know if it's true, but after seeing this crazy auction on eBay, we can expect anything!

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