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Vendir: Plague of Lies, an old-school RPG for mobile, is released

For fans of old-school RPGs or fans of the medieval era, Vendir: Plague of Lies is coming to mobile this week! ...[Read More]

Pre-register for Mighty DOOM on Android and iOS, the cute and bloody DOOM game!

Freshly announced by Bethesda, Mighty Doom, a super cute game in the bloody universe of Doom opens its pre-registrations...[Read More]

Undawn released in China, but you can sign up for the global beta

The world is going bad. As a result, Netflix publishes games around climate change like Highwater and Tencent turns directly to the...[Read More]

The roguelite shooter Brotato mobile enters pre-registration

Available in early access on Steam for a few months, the roguelite shooter Brotato: Premium opens its pre-registrations on mob...[Read More]

Black Clover Mobile release date coming soon!

Many of you have been waiting for the adaptation of Black Clover into a mobile game for several months. But this expectation is almost...[Read More]

Ultimate Sackboy released on Android and iOS: a runner full of nostalgia

After an early access last August, the mobile game in the universe of LittleBigPlanet makes its entry on the stores. The so...[Read More]

The release date of Street Fighter: Duel is approaching!

The pre-registration phase for SFD is coming to an end soon, but you can still pre-register before the release date of Str...[Read More]

Mobile Games News Recap #97

Discover our weekly recap of the mobile games news on Android and iOS number #97 ! On the agenda this week: the opening of the...[Read More]

Pre-registration for Ace Racer, the futuristic racing game with flying cars

NetEase is launching pre-registrations for Ace Racer, its game of flying cars that can cross obstacles and light up the sky...[Read More]

Pre-registration for Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat launched

In mobile gaming, it often happens that excellent games get stuck in Asia, especially in China or Japan.

Squad Busters (Supercell) gameplay discovery and first positive feedback in beta test

As we told you in our weekly recaps of mobile games news, the beta of Squad Busters, a game that will be released in the fall of 2010, has been...[Read More]

Preregister to Street Fighter: Duel on Android and iOS

You've heard about a Street Fighter game on mobile and you might be interested. But how do you pre-register for the game?

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