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Patch 2.0 Wild Rift: 5 new Yordles and start of season 1

Teemo Wild Rift patch 2.0

What better way to start the year 2021 than with a new patch for LoL: Wild Rift? Riot Games has decided to go big, as the patch 2.0 Wild Rift promises sparks with the introduction of 5 new champions! A gang of rampaging Yordles arrive on the Summoner's Rift. But don't be fooled by their cute appearance and modest size. These magical creatures have more than one trick up their sleeve to make life difficult for their opponents and hate to be underestimated.

Corki the Yordle pilot, Kennen the Yordle Ninja (yes it's a male), Tristana the Yordle gunner, Lulu the Yordle witch and especially Teemo the evil Yordle are now part of the mobile version of League of Legends. For lore lovers, you can learn more about their history in the "Expedition" event yordle, included in the Wild Rift patch 2.0.

patch 2.0 Wild Rift
Attention: Teemo in sight!

Patch 2.0 Wild Rift: the 5 new champions Yordle

There are no official rules regarding the allocation of roles or lanes for champions in LoL: Wild Rift. While everyone is free to choose, there are some combinations that are more optimal than others. For those who are new to the 5 new Yordles, here is a brief description of their profile.

  • Corki : This ranged champion is a rather special shooter. With his attacks and skills, he inflicts a lot of magic damage, which can be surprising. We prefer to play him alone in midlane or in duolane as an ADC
  • Kennen : This ninja is an extremely versatile champion that can be played just about anywhere (except the jungle). He has great mobility, good damage and is very useful for his team.
  • Tristana Ranged Champion: This ranged champion gains range as it levels. A bit weak at the beginning of the game, this ADC gets a huge firepower at the end of the game
  • Lulu A utility champion that is particularly suited to the support position. It offers bonuses and a very useful shield to its allies, while effectively controlling enemies.
  • Teemo : hated by many, adored by some, this Yordle explorer is a real nuisance. With his poisons and his stealth, he has driven many an opponent mad. If you really want to play him at the risk of losing your soul, play him in sololane at the top.

The competition starts with season 1

With the Wild Rift 2.0 patch also comes the start of the first competitive season on the mobile MOBA. Are you ready for the ranked games? In any case, those who manage to reach at least the Gold rank will receive a small reward: the glorious skin Tryndamere.

patch 2.0 Wild Rift: start of the classified season

Attention Zed and Master Yi players, they have also received a small nerf on the new patch.

What do you think of this patch? Are you going to tryhard the ladder?
If you need a little help, we've got some special Wild Rift tips to help you kick ass 😄

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