Peridot beta, the new AR game from Niantic

Peridot beta, the new AR game from Niantic

Peridot beta is slowly starting to open its doors in some regions after a first limited launch last April, which announces the approach of the release. Let's go over what this augmented reality game, developed by Niantic, is and how to participate in the test phases.

The successor to Pokémon GO?

Before discovering how to access the Peridot beta, let's discover this new AR game from Niantic, the studio behind Pokémon GO and more recently Pikmin Bloom. Based on geolocation, Peridot is presented as a new generation Tamagotchi.

Adopt your Dot, fulfill his needs for affection and food, take him for a walk like a real pet and collect treasures along the way.

These little virtual creatures look like psychedelic Pokémon that you have to collect. If they are happy, the Peridots will reproduce, which will save their species from extinction.

Access to the Peridot beta

Already available for several months in Norway, Malaysia and Singapore, the Peridot beta on Android and iOS is now accessible in Denmark. However, rumors speak of a game release in spring 2023, which would mean that the phases of test may accelerate. So we hope that this rollout of the test phases will be extended quickly on the Western European side.

Gameplay of the Peridot beta

You can still pre-register on the official website for Android devices and iOS users. You just have to fill in your email address, your date of birth and your country of residence. This way, you will be notified by email when the game will be available in your area, for a Peridot beta or for the official release.

To stay up to date with the development progress, we also advise you to follow the official accounts of the game on Twitter and Instagram.

That's it for the information about the Peridot beta on Android and iOS. If you want to know more about Niantic's title, I refer you to our article presenting Peridot. And if you want to stay informed about your favorite games and studios, I redirect you to our page dedicated to mobile news.

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