Pokémon Sleep to be released on July 14 at Pokémon Presents 2023

Pokémon Sleep release date announced at Pokémon Presents 2023

If you followed Pokémon Presents 2023, you probably fell asleep at the lack of announcements during the conference. The only major announcement from The Pokémon Company was that Pokémon Sleep will be released on July 14, 2023. Let's take a look at what the game will look like and what content you'll be able to try out when it's released on Android and iOS.

A disappointing Pokémon Presents 2023... what if that was the plan?

If I'm summarizing, you probably didn't follow the Pokémon Presents 2023 or you must have dozed through a good part of the presentation. But there are such geniuses at The Pokémon Company that maybe that was the point! In fact, apart from the extension of the last generation of Pokémon games on consoles and some news about Pokémon Unite, the only real announcement of the conference was the Pokémon Sleep release date. I let you discover the last trailer of the game below.

Now, how do you play Pokémon Sleep? Frankly, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a game. It's more of a sleep-tracking application that would be at home in the Health section of mobile stores. Get ready to obsess about your sleep when Pokémon Sleep is released on July 14.

With your phone next to your pillow, give your sleep to The Pokémon Company, which can create an alarm clock for you at the time you want and compare your sleep cycle to Pokémon of all generations to add to your Pokédex. You can even boost the accuracy of your daily tracking with the pre-order of Pokémon Go Plus.

Release date of Pokémon Sleep on Android and iOS to monitor your sleep while playing

A big dose of sleep with the release of Pokémon Sleep

So, after apps like TikTok that want to consume all your waking time, Pokémon Sleep kindly proposes to live on your sleep from the moment it is released, by pushing you to sleep more often to progress in your collection.

I'm not sure that's an ideal progression system for your life, but hey. In any case, since your waking time was already owned by big companies, you can now hand over the management of your sleep to a company that considers making you sleep 16 hours to unlock a Snorlax a healthy life goal.

And then, since Pokémon Sleep was announced in 2019 and plans to be released in July 2023 with 2 features, i.e. 4 years later, it quickly becomes clear that the developers must have fallen asleep during production, trying to unlock all of the game's Pokémon during their test phases.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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