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Pokémon Unite Mew Release : character presentation

Pokémon Unite Mew Release : character presentation

After the recent new map announcement, the first of three new Pokémon has just arrived with the Pokémon Unite Mew release. Let's discover together the profile and abilities of this mythical Pokémon from the first generation, which will be appreciated by players for its versatility.

Pokémon Unite Mew arrival

Before discovering the Pokémon Unite Mew abilities, let's go over the profile of this new character. This little pink creature is a mythical Psy-type Pokémon. He cannot evolve and is not the evolution of any Pokémon. However, it can learn most of the abilities and is even considered by some as the ancestor of all Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite Mew's role is ranged attacker. Thanks to his passive, every three abilities used, the next basic attack of Mew is replaced by an energy ball. This ball inflicts damage that increases with distance.

With his Synchronize ability, Mew and his close allies get a bonus to movement speed when he casts an ability. At level 5, his power changes and allows Mew to reset his abilities to choose others.

Pokémon Unite Mew abilities

Being a Pokémon apart in the lore, this is also the case for Pokémon Unite Mew 's abilities. At both level 1 and level 3, you can choose between three abilities. Mew is therefore very versatile as he can change his abilities at any time thanks to his talent.

Pokémon Unite Mew character sheet

Abilities Level 1

  • Electro Ball: Mew casts an electric orb that paralyzes the target and deals damage based on the target's missing HP.
  • Solar Beam : Mew casts a beam that inflicts damage to all Pokémon in its path.
  • Surf: The Pokémon charges forward on a wave that pushes enemies back, dealing damage and causing them to become stunned. Mew also gains a shield and becomes immune to crowd control. When the wave reaches the end of its course, Mew jumps in the direction indicated.

Abilities Level 3

  • Coaching: Mew jumps on an ally and gives him a shield and a bonus of attack speed.
  • Light Screen: Pokémon creates a wall that enemies cannot penetrate. If Mew casts a level 1 ability through the wall, its effects are boosted.
  • Agility: Mew charges in one direction and gains a bonus to movement speed. This ability can be used twice in a row.

Pokémon Unite Mew Unite Move

At level 8, Mew unlocks his Unite Move Mystical Mirage. The Pokémon floats in the air and creates a zone around him. He then becomes invincible and other fighters, allies or enemies, become invisible. At the end of the ability's duration, enemies still in the area take damage.

To unlock Pokémon Unite Mew, there's no need to spend coins or Aeos gems. In fact, until October 12, 2022, the Mew's Mural Challenge allows you to obtain your Unite license by completing quests with various objectives. At the end of this event, Mew will be available in the store for 12,000 Aeos coins.

Mew's Mural Challenge

That's it for the Pokémon Unite Mew release. This new fighter is actually a very good answer against the excellent Tyranitar thanks to his abilities to keep him at a distance and to inflict damage.

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