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Pokémon Unite Scizor release : character presentation

Pokémon Unite Scizor release : character presentation

After the Mew and Dodrio arrival at the beginning of the month, it's now time to Pokémon Unite Scizor release. Let's discover together all the abilities of this Pokémon Insect and Steel, which isone of the Scyther's evolutions, which appeared for the first time in Pokémon Gold and Silver, the second generation of the licence's games.

Pokémon Unite Scizor arrival

With the Pokémon Unite Scizor release, it is a new close combatant that joins the roster of 42 Pokémon. Considered versatile, it is in the form of Scyther that Pokémon appears at the beginning of the game. Only if you choose the Bullet Punch ability at level 5 will it evolve into Scizor.

His Technician talent allows him, after using an ability, to double his next basic attack. His basic attack is a physical attack that strengthens every third hit and deals additional damage. Insecator's movement speed is also temporarily increased. In the form of Scizor, it is then the defense that is improved.

Scizor's abilities

Let's start with the level 1 and 3 abilities of Pokémon Unite Scizor. The first, Fury Cutter, is a dual ranged attack that deals physical damage to targets in its path. Incidentally, all of Scizor 's abilities are physical attacks. With the second ability, Quick Attack, Insecator, or Scizor dashes in one direction, dealing damage in its path.

Pokémon Unite Scizor level 5 and 7 abilities

At level 5, you can choose between two abilities to replace Slashing. If you want to evolve Scyther into Scizor in Pokémon Unite, you must choose Bullet Punch. This ability is a dash that deals damage in one direction. If it hits an opponent, its recovery time is reduced and Scizor recovers health.

Alternatively, you can opt for X-scissor if you prefer to continue with Scyther. With this ranged ability, it splits the air with a cross. Hit Pokémon take damage, and if the target is in the middle, the Sniper recovers health.

Pokémon Unite Scyther

It is at level 7 that you must replace Vive-Ataque with one of these two abilities: Double Hit or Swords Dance. With Double Hit, Scyther or Scizor jumps in one direction and marks the hit targets. If he succeeds in hitting an enemy, he can jump again in the direction of his choice. If the attack causes a knockout, all ability delays are reset.

Swords Dance is much easier to use, as the Pokémon can jump in one direction, which transforms its next 8 basic attacks, which deal damage online.

Pokémon Unite Scizor level 9 abilities

Finally, level 9 unlocks the Unite skill, which is different if you have chosen or not to upgrade Scyther to Scizor in Pokémon Unite.

Scyther or Scizor's Unite skill in Pokémon Unite allows him to jump on a targeted opponent to inflict multiple hits. Then, five clones of the Pokémon appear and run towards the target. After a few seconds, the clones return to the fighter, dealing damage along the way.

Pokémon Unite Scizor : anime's picture

So far, the two abilities are similar, but while Scyther will be able to double attack and reset its cooldowns if an enemy is knocked out, Scizor can make a second dash and hit the ground to inflict area damage.

That's it for the release of Scizor in Pokémon Unite. To unlock it, you need to pay 14,000 Aeos coins. If you want to discover more Pokémon and get tips on how to progress, please visit our tips page Pokémon Unite.

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