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Pokémon Unite Tyranitar release : character presentation

Pokémon Unite Tyranitar release : character presentation

On the occasion of Pokémon Unite first anniversary, we learned that three new characters were coming to the game. After the Glaceon and Mouscoto arrival, it's now time for Pokémon Unite Tyranitar release. We explain in a few lines how to play this Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite Tyranitar arrival

To properly play Pokémon Unite Tyranitar, you must first understand that Pokémon has both Darkness and Rock types. At the beginning of the game, this versatile melee fighter appears as an Larvitar. He then evolves into a Pupitar at level 4, and then into a Tyranitar at level 9.

His talent evolves as he evolves. As Larvitar, the Guts talent increases his attack for a short time when he takes damage. As a Pupitar, Shed Skin frees him from his status alterations and he gets a shield when he takes damage.

Finally, Sand Stream generates a sandstorm around Tyranitar after using an ability. In addition to inflicting damage on enemies, this ability also strengthens his defense and special defense. In addition to this ability, for every three basic attacks, the next one deals more damage.

Tyranitar moves

Now that we have established the basics of Pokémon Unite Tyranitar, it is time to look at these different abilities. Let's start with the two level 1 and 3 abilities. With Bite, Embrylex deals damage in front of him, and if his target is below a certain amount of health, he is temporarily immobilized.

For his part, Rock Polish allows Larvitar to charge in one direction, inflicting damage as he goes. If he hits at least one opponent, his attack is enhanced for a short time.

Level 5 moves from Pokémon Unite Tyranitar

At level 5, you have a choice of two abilities to replace Bite. Dark Pulse summons a mist that inflicts damage on enemies that are hit. This upgrade retains one of the properties of the original ability, namely immobilizing targets below a certain percentage of health. Upgrading Dark Pulse reduces its recovery time.

Pokémon Unite Tyranitar visual

The other choice is Stone Edge. With this ability, Tyranitar inflicts area damage. The closer the targets are to him, the more damage they take. Stone Edge can be activated three times over a period of time, which expands its area of effect. Upgrading this ability increases its damage.

Level 9 moves from Pokémon Unite Tyranitar

It is at level 9 that Pupitar evolves into Tyranitar in Pokémon Unite. At this point, it is Rock Polish who must be replaced by one of these two abilities:

  • Ancient Power: Tyranitar releases a shockwave that inflicts damage to Pokémon and immobilizes opponents. Before this ability can be cast, Tyranitar must build up power. During this time, his movement speed is increased, he gains a shield and becomes immune to crowd control. If the shockwave hits an enemy, Tyranitar ignores shields and defense. It can also cast a second shockwave that reduces the speed of opposing Pokémon.
  • Sand Tomb: Tyranitar jumps in one direction. He deals damage and immobilizes Pokémon while jumping. Upon landing, it causes a dust cloud that deals progressive damage and slows enemies. Conversely, Tyranitar takes less damage in the storm and ignores opposing defense and shields.
Tyranocif in Pokémon anime

Finally, the Unite ability of Tyranitar is Tyrannical Rampage. When activated, Tyranitar becomes enraged. Its basic attacks deal more damage and its movement speed is increased. In addition, when it hits opposing Pokémon below a certain percentage of hit points, they are immediately knocked out.

That's it for the Pokémon Unite Tyranitar release. To unlock it, you need to pay 14,000 Aeos coins or 575 gems. If you want to discover more Pokémon and get tips on how to progress, please visit our Pokémon Unite tips page.

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