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Pokémon Unite Zoroark release : character presentation

Pokémon Unite Zoroark release : character presentation

After those of Mew and Scizor, this is the Pokémon Unite Zoroark release. Let's discover together the profile of this Darkness type Pokémon of the fifth generation which joins the roster of fighters, as well as its various capacities unlockable during the game.

Pokémon Unite Zoroark arrival

Before we take a detailed look at Pokémon Unite Zoroark's abilities, let's take a look at the first Pokémon of the fifth generation to be revealed. Zoroark is the Zorua's evolution and looks like a fox standing on two legs with a gray coat and a long red mane. He is about 1.60 meters tall and weighs approximately 180 lbs.

Pokémon Unite Zoroark's profile

Pokémon Unite Zoroark's role is as a fast attacker in close combat. Based on combos, it is a Pokémon that requires some mastery to take advantage of its full potential, but can be extremely dangerous.

Zoroark's third basic attack deals more damage with his passive. His talent, Illusion, allows him to take the form of a wild Pokémon or a fighter from the opposing team. He reverts to his original form when he launches or suffers an attack or ability.

Pokémon Unite Zoroark's abilities

Let's start with Pokémon Unite Zoroark's first two abilities, which are unlocked at level 1 and 2. The first one is called Fury Swipes and allows Zoroark to dash in one direction and inflict damage to the hit targets. If at least one opponent is hit by this ability, it can be used a second time. The second ability, Slash, is also a Zoroark dash that deals damage to enemies in its path.

Capabilities at level 5

At level 5, you have the choice of two Zoroark abilities in Pokémon Unite to replace Fury Swipes. With Night Slash, the next attack in Pokémon is also a rush. The next attack becomes a reinforced attack which, if it hits an opposing Pokémon , turns the next one into a rush and so on.

If the player moves and cannot use a rush attack, the sequence ends. If Zoroark performs 6 rush attacks and reinforced attacks, he jumps into the air and lands with area damage, which regenerates the HP of Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite Zoroark visual

With the Feint Attack ability, Zoroark dashes in a direction that deals damage to enemies in the path and reduces the cooldown on all his abilities. When the ability hits a target, Zoroark can cast it again, returning him to the starting point.

If another ability is used in the meantime, its launch point becomes the new starting point. If Zoroark hits 4 opposing Pokémon without losing its combo, it jumps in the direction of an enemy target and causes damage on landing.

Capabilities at level 7

At level 7, the Slash ability is replaced by one of these two Pokémon Unite Zoroark abilities. With Shadow Claw, Zoroark rushes in one direction, dealing damage to affected enemies, as well as stunning them for a short time. If a target is at the point of Zoroark's arrival, instead of being immobilized, it is thrown into the air.

If you choose to Cut, Zoroark launches a rush attack that causes damage and allows him to recover HP.

Pokémon Unite Zoroark Unite capacity

Finally, it is at level 9 that Zoroark learns his Unit ability: Nightfall Daze. Zoroak causes three shockwaves, with increasingly large areas of effect. The shockwaves inflict damage and render Pokémon immune to crowd control while he casts the ability.

To unlock Pokémon Unite Zoroark, it will cost you 1,381 Aeos Gems for the pack with the Dress-up Party skin, or 14,000 Aeos Coins when he appears in the store. And if you'd like to see more character introductions, I'll direct you to our Pokémon Unite page.

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