Leaks Clash Heroes, the new Supercell game in pre-alpha

Leaks Clash Heroes, the new Supercell game in pre-alpha

Announced several months ago, a brand new mobile game from Supercell is making news. Clash HeroesSupercell's newest and hottest cooperative RPG has just entered the pre-alpha stage. Character lists Clash Heroes, previews of skins, first images of spells and much more have already leaked to us... Numerous leaks on Clash Heroes have flooded the web in recent days. So let's take a look at some of the leaked gameplay and headliners of this upcoming mobile game Clash.

Pssst, if you already like the game, we explain how to pre-register at Clash Heroes at the end of the article.

Clash Heroes Screenshot in-game

Gameplay Clash Heroes unveiled

Clash Heroes, what is it? Made by the creators of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, Clash Heroes is a mobile multiplayer action-RPG. In this new product of the Clash Universe, the developer acquired by Tencent in 2016 plunges us into a collaborative battle with friends using courageous heroes.

As in previous installments of the Clash universe, the real-time combat system works in 5-minute sessions featuring famous characters from the license. Note that we already had a glimpse of the system during the few images of the trailer.

On July 22nd, a temporary tweet from Supercell allowed a few lucky people to access the famous Clash Heroes. Following this opening of the test pre-alpha (from July 21st to 27th), leaks reached the most attentive. It was on this occasion that the map of Clash Heroes. It shows the patrols and the difficulty levels that were leaked:

Clash Supercell Game Card
Leak card from the upcoming Clash Supercell game @SCDATAMINES

A classic formula that shouldn't surprise you too much. As for the enemies, they will be listed on a "journal". Even if we are waiting for official information from the studio, here is a glimpse of the villains Clash Heroes leak recently:

All enemies Clash Heroes
All enemies Clash Heroes @SCDATAMINES

Leak of playable characters and skins

Among the leaks Clash Heroes is the complete list of playable heroes: the images include the Barbarian, Archers, Wizard, Bomber, Royal Cook and Explorer characters. The images also reveal the skins of each character! The skins were already present at the 2D concept stage on the game's website, so there is nothing new except for their 3D visuals. We can see the Barbarian warrior dressed in various kilts, the pink-hairedArcher and her 5 skins, sometimes in armour, sometimes in a princess dress.

Clash Heroes Barbarian and Archer
Clash Heroes Barbarian and Archer

We discover the Wizard, the wizard who can throw fireballs and create energy explosions, and the wall-breaker from Clash of Clans, a skeleton with a bomb called the Bomber.

Assistant and Bomber from the new Supercell game
Clash Heroes Assistant and Bombardier

Finally, we welcome two new Clash characters: The Cook and the Adventurer. One comes with 3 skins and none of his detailed abilities. The other is a lassoed, destructive and fearless Adventurer.

Clash Heroes Cook and Adventurer
Clash Heroes Cook and Adventurer

Leaked spells

The game focuses on the heroes and their combat abilities as well as their skills, which can be improved over the course of the game. Moreover, a system of gems and coins allows you to obtain character equipment and ability points.

The rest of the leaks also include spells Clash Heroes as consumable items in the inventory. These can be bought with elixir and have a defined number of uses. These are the spells that are known thanks to the leaks:

  • Healing Spell. Restores HP instantly and over time.
  • Tornado Spell. Deals 300 damage as a violently rotating column of air.
  • Lightning Spell. Inflicts a shock of 300 damage. Useful for both defence and attack.
  • Earthquake Spell. Causes an earthquake that stuns and inflicts 900 damage.
  • Wrath Spell. Increases attack speed by 50%.
  • Freeze Spell. Freezes enemies and deals 70% more damage.
Presentation of the game

How to pre-register at Clash Heroes ?

As a bonus to this content leak, we thought we'd tell you about the pre-registration for Clash Heroes. As many of you, ladies and gentlemen fans of this universe, have sanded down all the other Supercell titles, it was time to add another one to your roster.

Since you are wondering how to pre-register for Clash Heroes ?... The solution is simple! It will only take a minute, but you won't be able to use the traditional Playstore or Appstore channels.

To maximise your chances of pre-registering for Clash Heroes, simply fill out this form on the official Clash Universe page and follow the game on Twitter for upcoming announcements. This form alone will add you to the list of potential players of not one but three Clash games, while also sending you new announcements about them. One form for pre-registration at Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes.

If you have any other information or would like to share your opinion on Clash Heroes, please feel free to comment.

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