Project: Arrival enters closed beta

Project: Arrivall closed beta date

Project: Arrival is an open-world game set in a science fiction universe. Where fantasy sells well, MMC Society decides to venture into a different genre, futuristic mobile games. Let's discover together the trailer and a bit of gameplay of Project: Arrival at the beginning of its closed beta.

Project: Arrival in closed beta, a cyberpunk and interstellar cocktail

In the futuristic universe of Project: Arrival, the open-world opens the door to the exploration of an intergalactic space, in 2122, after an interstellar war that has wiped some parts of the map. The objective is twofold for the player in this beta: to complete missions and to survive the hostile environments in which he evolves.

Gameplay is all about freedom in this vast space world. Players will be able to make space their own by building their own home using blueprints, crafting new weapons and interacting with other players in the cosmos. But danger lurks and the survivors of the war will have to battle titanic creatures while searching for other survivors.

On the other hand, fans of cyberpunk and neon will not be lost. Gadgets will be in the spotlight with weapons that are both effective and stylish, as well as bright equipment for added style.

For those of you who are curious, Project: Arrival's closed beta will take place from January 14 to 17 in Canada, as the developers announced this month.

Project Arrival closed beta announced

If you don't get a key to participate, you'll have to wait since the number of players is limited. Here is some gameplay from the first beta! To make sure you don't miss the actual final release of Project: Arrival, check our list of new mobile games from time to time.

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