Project L: the fighting game from Riot Games reveals its gameplay

Project L League of Legends

Unlike the other Riot games that were unveiled recently, Project L is one of those that we've been waiting to hear about since the video announcing the studio's 10th anniversary. Moreover, it is not a Riot Forge production (i.e. developed by an external studio and only published by Riot) but an internal production of the Los Angeles firm. Now, we discover a behind-the-scenes video of Project L: its Tekken-like versus fighting game.

Behind the scenes of the production of Project L

It's not yet known which platform Project L will be available on. With releases as varied as the RPG Ruined King, the team-based FPS Valorant or the rhythm game Hextech Mayhem PC also planned for mobile, it is difficult to predict. So, we might as well keep an eye on the title as there are plenty of players interested in the League of Legends universe on Jeumobi!

Screenshot ofEkko in Project L
Screenshot in-game of Project L, the fighting game Riot Games

If you enjoyed the Arcane characters on Netflix, creating your own fierce fight scenes should appeal to you. Project L offers colourful and elaborate graphics following the style initiated by Fortiche, mixing 3D and hand-painted shaders for the font, with toon for the characters.

However, no release date has been announced as the game is not yet ready! As explained in the Project L trailer, the production stage has not yet reached sufficient readiness. Riot has already defined the gameplay and learning curve of the game, as well as the standards of the graphics. But the game lacks content and polish. So we'll have to wait until the launch roster of champions is almost complete to find out more!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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