PUBG NEW STATE ios pre-registration

PUBG: NEW STATE exceeds 17M pre-registrations!

Following the Closed Alpha of PUBG: NEW STATE, the upcoming mobile game developed by KRAFTON, is reaching incredible pre-registration numbers! And that's not all. We have news about the opening of pre-registration on iOS! Check out the latest news on this game, in line with PUBG Mobile. 🤩


PUBG: NEW STATE, 17 million Android pre-registrations and iOS testing opens

If you like Battle Royale on mobile, you'll love the new PUBG: NEW STATE game. Created by PUBG Studio, the game offers a new high quality "one man standing" game. For the moment, pre-registration was only available on Android. But, the developers plan to open pre-registrations for iOS users for the third quarter of 2021! This hasn't slowed down the fans. The game has just clocked up over 17 million pre-registrations on Android, since opening!

Available only on Google Play, we note, however, the significant increase in pre-registrations just after the departure of the closed Alpha of the game. Coincidence? No! Indeed, the Closed Alpha was so popular with players that it spread to the ears of all BR genre fans! A first Closed Alpha test totally successful for the game PUBG: NEW STATE. As a reminder, the Closed Alpha took place from June 11th to 13th in the USA. Thanks to this test, a lot of comments are now allowing us to bring the final touch to this new mobile game.

This game will be launched as a free-to-play game. And this, in a very realistic BR, iconic of a certain PUBG Mobile. Minkyu Park, exclusive producer of PUBG: NEW STATE, said in response to the numbers. "We would like to thank our fans and players who showed such great interest in participating in the Alpha test. Based on all the feedback from players, we will do our best to make sure we complete development by the end of the year and set a milestone for next-generation mobile games in the Battle Royale genre."

Note that the Android pre-registration for PUBG: NEW STATE are still active! What are you waiting for? For iOS players, we're waiting for you to be able to participate in pre-registration and mobile testing! Be patient, it's coming soon!

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