PUBG: New State is now available on Android and iOS

PUBG New State release

PUBG: New State is released this week on Android and iOS worldwide. Krafton's new game takes the world of PUBG. However, players will explore a post-apocalyptic world that has been devastated since the first game. Decades have passed and the setting has changed dramatically. Like Garena Free Fire Max, PUBG: New State offers reworked graphics and a more polished gameplay.

PUBG New State release

PUBG: New State release and final trailer

Every day a trailer was released on the PUBG: New State YouTube channel until this final D-1 video. We discovered details about the game until its release. On the gameplay side, the missions are enriched compared to PUBG. In addition to the daily and weekly missions, there are also story missions to discover the history of your surroundings. Check out the latest pre-release trailer for PUBG: New State.

Krafton doesn't seem to want to stop there. In addition to the hype surrounding this release, the studio has made news by purchasing Unknown Studios, the developers of Subnautica. While we wonder what expertise is being sought in this purchase, we can't wait to see what Unknown's future in game creation holds. In the meantime, you can follow the PUBG New State news on Jeumobi or on the game's official website.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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