Rainbow Six Mobile trailer unveiled by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile Trailer Ubisoft

Good news for mobile FPS fans. Ubisoft has just released the announcement trailer for Rainbow Six Mobile. This is the mobile adaptation of the successful Rainbow Six Siege. So what do we know about the content of Rainbow Six Mobile?

Rainbow Six Mobile's first announcement trailer makes the R6 port official

Although it is a creation of the Ubisoft Montreal studio, Rainbow Six Mobile will not be developed by the same team as Rainbow Six Siege. It is a separate team that has been dedicated exclusively to this mobile port for the past 3 years.

The goal is to allow more players to access Rainbow Six while maintaining a competitive, tactical and immersive experience. The developers have taken particular care tooptimise the controls to match the mobile platforms as closely as possible.

The Rainbow Six Mobile trailer appeared on the game's Youtube channel, created for the occasion.

The Rainbow Six Mobile trailer confirms that the title follows the formula of its big brother. One team must attack while the other must defend. The confrontations take place in 5 vs 5, the scenery is destructible and gadgets are omnipresent. The games will be shorter than in Rainbow Six Siege, with a duration of between 8 and 12 minutes. As for the game modes, we only know that bomb defusion and area security will be present.

What content is available at launch?

For now, two maps are confirmed in the R6 mobile announcement: the Bank and the Frontier. On the agent side, only 10 are currently known (5 attackers and 5 defenders), but we will discover more before the game is released. Each agent has unique equipment, such as barbed wire, an exothermic charge, a signal jammer and a bulletproof shield.

The 10 agents seen in the Rainbow Six Mobile trailer

Like more and more mobile games, Rainbow Six Siege will incorporate a battle pass to unlock in-game content. These are expected to last around 6 weeks according to two game designers interviewed by Gamespot.

For the moment, thedevelopers have not mentioned a release date. However, the end of this first announcement trailer for Rainbow Six Mobile invites us to sign up for the closed beta. The closed beta will start in the next few weeks and the R6 form is available on Ubisoft's website to try to be selected.

While we wait for Rainbow Six Mobile to be released, I invite you to check out our top mobile FPS.

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