Ubisoft launches the first Rainbow Six Siege mobile alpha phase

Alpha Rainbow Six Siege Mobile and registration test

After the Rainbow Six mobile trailer for its announcement at the beginning of April, we already have new information about this port. Ubisoft has just announced the launch of Rainbow Six Siege mobile's alpha test. So what's in this first R6 mobile test version and how to access it? We tell you everything in this article.

How to participate in the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile alpha?

To register for the R6 mobile closed alpha, visit the game's website. Selected participants will receive an email with instructions on how to download Rainbow Six mobile alpha. Only Android users will be able to participate in this first phase. However, if you are on iOS, don't worry, your turn will come soon.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile agents in alpha on Android

However, bad news for us Europeans: the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile alpha will initially only be available for the US, Canada and Mexico, starting on May 3rd 2022. However, R6 Mobile's creative director has informed us that there will be multiple testing phases. These will take place in different parts of the world over the next few months.

16 agents, 2 maps and 2 game modes available

This first phase of test Rainbow Six mobile will focus on gameplay mechanics. And I have to say that I'm rather curious to see if Ubisoft will manage to effectively reproduce the gameplay of R6 Siege, which connoisseurs understand all the complexity, while managing to shorten the time of a game to work better on mobile.

The developers are well aware that their game is far from finished and that players will encounter many bugs. It is to speed up the process that the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile closed alpha comes so early in the development. This means that there will be no progression in this version, and no customisation either.

While only 10 agents were originally announced, the R6 Mobile alpha will provide access to 16 agents, including Rook, Thatcher, Ying and Recruit, the default agent from Rainbow Six Siege. Players will compete in Bomb Defusion and Area Security game modes. Incidentally, combat will take place on the Bank and Border maps, the two maps shown in the trailer.

Barely in alpha, Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will have some competition on the competitive FPS side on Android and iOS. It is up against COD Mobile and PUBG Mobile which are already well established. In addition, two very popular licenses will soon be getting their own port: Apex Legends (already released in some regions) and Valorant. While you wait for the R6 Mobile alpha to be released, check out some of the new shooters in our top mobile FPS games.

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