Moncage mobile: award-winning illusion game coming in November

Moncage optical illusion puzzle game

The brainchild of the cleverly named Optillusion studio, Moncage is a mobile puzzle game with a specific idea: to mix illusion and reality, as if one couldn't exist without the other. Having already received various awards for its quality, it is therefore not surprising to see Moncage open up to a wider audience with a mobile and PC release on the horizon. We tell you all about this very special optical game!

Moncage mobile released, puzzle lovers beware

One after the other, we're talking about mobile puzzle games. First with the arrival of Get Together: a Coop Adventure for those who want to try their hand at solving mysteries together, and now with this news about the release of Moncage mobile, the puzzle game market is getting a new lease of life. In Moncage, optical illusion is the order of the day as the main part of the experience takes place around a multi-faceted cube. As you rotate the cube, you discover new locations and objects that help you solve puzzles. You will also be able to assemble certain pieces of objects by correctly aligning the cube with your screen, as in the screenshot below.

Screenshot Moncage mobile Android iOS

Studio Optillusion has announced the release of Moncage on PC and mobile platforms (iOS and Android) for November 16, 2021 via a tweet on their official account. The post on their social networks is also accompanied by a new Moncage trailer for the more curious among you.

Between unique gameplay and a particular vignette atmosphere, if you're looking for a little nugget, don't pass by. The experience of Moncage Mobile is reminiscent of the end of the excellent Monument Valley, of which we can only recommend the two episodes on the Playstore and Appstore. By the way, Monument Valley 3 is in the works at UsTwo Games and we can't wait to test it!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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