Dynasty Scrolls: new gacha RPG released

Dynasty Scrolls

There is already a huge bottleneck in the mobile game market in terms of gacha RPGs. It must be said that game studios are redoubling their imagination to offer compelling scenarios and a progression system that is as attractive as it is enticing. Dynasty Scrolls hopes to make its mark in this competitive environment. However, it will have its work cut out to compete with established heavyweights such as Genshin Impact or Epic Seven. In order to succeed, the newcomer will take up well-known recipes but will also bring small novelties to make the difference. On the programme, a scenario that mixes historical and fictional elements for a colourful adventure.

Players can play Dynasty Scrolls on both iOS and Android. For those who don't particularly enjoy gacha games, but would like a new challenge in the new year, be sure to visit our page regularly for the latest mobile game releases.

The trailer for Dynasty Scrolls.

Dynasty Scrolls: history and gameplay

Literature lovers may be familiar with the Chinese historical novel "The Three Kingdoms". Dynasty Scrolls intends to retrace some of the history of this vast empire and honour some of its most prominent dynasties. But don't worry, there are no seminars or long lectures on the horizon, just gameplay and strategy. It's up to you to build your best 6-element composition from the historical characters available. You may never have heard of Guan Yu, Liu Bei or Zhang Fei. But with Dynasty Scrolls, you can discover the full extent of their power. Beware though, as they may be icons, these fighters will need to be trained and equipped by you to reach their peak form.

Dynasty Scrolls

There are 4 factions at your disposal: the 3 kingdoms of the novel Wei, Shu and Wu as well as an added faction, the Wardlords. The choices are multiple but each character is unique, with specific skills. As a good strategist, it is your responsibility to find the right combinations and synergies to get the best of your enemies. Progress through the story mode or compete against other players.

Requirements to play

The graphics, which have a deliberately retro feel, are quickly apparent. This is even more apparent with the combat phases, presented in 2D. Therefore, the requirements to play are not particularly high. On iOS you need at least version 9.0 (released in 2015) and on Android version 7. 0 (released in 2016).

This free-to-play game promises to be a great deal of fun and to convince players, it offers a login bonus. For 7 days, new accounts will get 20 free draws daily.

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