Nier Reincarnation available on Playstore and Appstore today

Nier Reincarnation mobile available on Android and iOS

Released this July 28, 2021, Square Enix's mobile game and RPG, Nier Reincarnation, is FINALLY available on Playstore and Appstore. The new baby from the creators of Final Fantasy is already available for download to the mobile devices of pre-ordered players. Currently launching on the Android (Google Play) and iOS shops, you'll be able to play the game on your smartphone from late afternoon. Here is the latest news on Nier Reincarnation mobile!

Nier Reincarnation release: Available on Appstore and Playstore
Nier Reincarnation release: Available on Appstore and Playstore

Nier Reincarnation gameplay available after July 28 maintenance

For the moment, apart from the gameplay images revealed by Square Enix at E3, we don't have many images of the new opus NieR Reincarnation. Indeed, the game's servers are under maintenance for an indefinite period of time. As a result, players are unable to test the RPG as it should be. However, according to the information given by the maintenance announcement, the title will be available from this evening or even from this late afternoon throughout the world.

Maintenance of the mobile game Nier Reincarnation
Maintenance of the mobile game Nier Reincarnation

After a very long wait and an enticing trailer, Nier Reincarnation is somewhat forgiven for this unexpected maintenance. Indeed, the developers propose a collaborative event between NieR Reincarnation and NieR Automata. In addition, 2P or 2B and many others will be present. A crossover that further marks the global launch of the title and promises to pack a punch. See for yourself:

Theaction RPG Nier Reincarnation will be available on the Appstore and Playstore at different times for each. This information, from the official launch Twitter, implies the deployment of multiple servers depending on the region or country. So it could be that players in the US will have access to Nier before us! Or vice versa... 😈

While you wait for the maintenance to be completed, download Nier Reincarnation on Android or iOS to be among the first to test this little nugget. It's a free-to-play mobile RPG with multiple rewards. for those who pre-registered before the release. Dear forward-thinking players, I'm announcing that you will receive a shower of bonuses at the beginning of the game!

gameplay Nier Reincarnation mobile
Nier Reincarnation mobile gameplay image

Just a little more patience... Nier Reincarnation will soon be available for everyone! In the meantime, tell us what you think of the first images of the game and of this crossover that we will discover in a few hours.

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