Katana ZERO comes out today in mobile version on Netflix

release of Katana ZERO

Following on from Hades and, more recently, Braid, the Netflix subscription is getting a critically acclaimed game released on PC and Switch in 2019. The release of Katana ZERO occures today, so if you haven't tried it out yet (or if you still want more!), don't miss this dark, edgy action-platformer published by Devolver Digital set in a neo-noir universe.

Release of Katana ZERO: the hit of 2019 arrives on the Netflix catalogue

The year 2019 has been rich in high-quality titles on PC and consoles: Sekiro, Disco Elysium, but also Katana ZERO, an independent game developed by Askiisoft and published by Devolver Digital, a guarantee of quality given the many successful independent games supported by the studio (Gris and Reigns, among others, two titles available on mobile).

Release of Katana ZERO: neo-noir atmosphere

After enjoying great popularity on PC and Switch, the release of Katana ZERO is now available  on mobile as part of the Netflix subscription. If you've missed out on this pixel-art side-scrolling platformer with extremely positive ratings on Steam, we'd like to tell you a bit more.

Katana ZERO, an edgy platformer with a neo-noir vibe

When Katana ZERO is released on Netflix, you'll be immersed in a darkly humorous dystopian universe with elements of psychological horror, where you'll have to manipulate time to achieve your ends. You play as Subject Zero, a samurai (a katana-wielding assassin) suffering from amnesia and capable of predicting the future.

Katana Zero gameplay

Like Hotline Miami, from which it takes its inspiration (also published by Devolver Digital), Katana ZERO leaves plenty of room for violence, both in its story and in its gameplay, where the player has to react quickly, sometimes even improvising, to get out of certain situations. Several gameplay mechanics can be used to achieve this, including slowing down time, teleporting, deflecting bullets and rolling.

Katana ZERO

What's more, the slightest blow will instantly kill your character. In this sense, Katana ZERO can also be compared to Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice, released the same year, particularly for its die and retry aspect. If you're looking for a game that's demanding but fair, don't miss the release of Katana ZERO today on Netflix!

Storytelling plays a key role in Katana ZERO

While Katana ZERO has been acclaimed for its original, demanding and fast-paced gameplay, the game also has a strong narrative element, particularly in its dialogue. When Katana ZERO is released, you'll meet a number of characters, and during these conversations you'll have to choose from a range of answers.

Release of Katana ZERO: dialogues

These choices will have an impact on the information you can access (or not), as well as on the endgame you unlock. There are plenty of them, and they take place in different parts of the world.

To add insult to injury, Katana ZERO features a top-quality soundtrack and an intriguing storyline. In short, don't miss the release of Katana ZERO. If you have a Netflix subscription, download it now!

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