The beta Dislyte, the new "pop" RPG by Lilith Games

Beta Dislyte from Lilith Games

The developer of successful mobile games such as RoK, Warpath and AFK Arena is entering a new genre: the "pop" RPG. With its upcoming title Dislyte, Lilith Games intends to impose its style. Between mythological powers and EDM music, we feel a certain patte à la LoL's KD/A and we wait to get our hands on the gameplay. We tell you all about the beta Dislyte and what we know about this unique looking game.

Update: Dislyte was released at the beginning of May, download Dislyte and discover the game trailers in our new article.

A mobile game between future and past for the beta Dislyte

The civilisation we know has managed to enter another reality in which miracles are real. However, simultaneously with the appearance of these miracles, horrific monsters called Miramon have risen from the void to litter the world with destruction. This is the starting point of the beta scenario.

In Dislyte, you play as Espers, young people who have received an ancient power to respond to new threats. For each of them, this power corresponds to that of a god of one of the major mythologies: Egyptian, Greek, Chinese...

In this beta Dislyte, there are ten Espers. Here is the list of available Espers:

NezhaLi LingChinese
Sun WongTang MeiChinese

Their personality, dress and appearance is strongly influenced by the god that created their character design.

The soundtrack Dislyte in EDM and combat

In terms of gameplay, Dislyte does not revolutionise anything on paper. Its main asset lies in its original and clear-cut artistic direction. It is nevertheless an RPG at turn-based in a 3D urban setting. As you fight, you can build the best possible team thanks to the gacha system. Perfect your strategy by combining the powers of your Espers.

To wait for the beta Dislyte in France or the full release, we offer you a gameplay video from the beta. Discover Dislyte and its original soundtrack:

Since the Dislyte beta is already underway, it seems logical to tell you about pre-registration. Pre-registration for Dislyte on Android and iOS is already open. To pre-register, nothing could be easier. Go to the Playstore or Tap Tap (which also offers iOS) and click on the pre-register button.

Now you can wait for the release to be alerted at launch and receive bonus gifts.

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