Minecraft Earth servers to close soon

closing of Minecraft Earth

Sad news for the Minecraft community. Mojang Studios has announced the closure of Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality mobile game that allowed players to build blocks and buildings in real life. Players will still be able to enjoy the game, which has just gone into final release, until June 2021. So you still have some time to build the monument of your dreams on your street. You don't have to look far to find the reason for this closure. The global pandemic is still going on and in France as elsewhere, people are living under lockdown and curfew. Minecraft Earth is based on free movement and collaborative play. These two strengths are difficult to exploit in this context.

However, the game is not going to rush through its final months. Mojang Studios will do its utmost to take care of its loyal community.


Minecraft Earth shutdown: the fault of the Coronavirus

Augmented reality games like Pokemon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are having a hard time at the moment. Developers have to find ways to adapt. With Minecraft Earth leaking instead, the developers have indicated that they will allocate their resources to more promising and less constrained projects . On paper, this decision seems perfectly logical, but it leaves a bitter taste of unfinished business in the mouth. Minecraft Earth was released a little over a year ago and unfortunately never had the opportunity to show its full potential.

For block lovers, you'll have to look elsewhere for games and media. The classic version of Minecraft is still available on mobile ($7.49 on the Play Store). It doesn't offer augmented reality, but you can always console yourself by fully recreating your own reality in the game.

In one year, the game has not had the opportunity to prove its worth.

Final arrangements before closing

All player data will be removed from the servers in June 2021. In order to make the closure of Minecraft Earth as smooth as possible, the developers have made several final arrangements:

  • There are no longer any transactions possible with real money.
  • The costs in rubies have been greatly reduced so that everyone can make the most of the last few months.
  • New content added, even if some was still in preparation.
  • Gifts of character designer items for those who log in between 5 January and 30 June.

Finally, for players who keep a ruby balance, there will be no loss. In compensation, they will receive Minecoins to use in the Marketplace ( skins and texture pack).

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