Seven Knights 2 pre-registration finally opens

Seven Knights 2 pre-registration showcase video

At the end of August, Netmarble announced the worldwide release of Seven Knights 2. Currently only available in three countries, Korea, China and Vietnam, the game had found its audience since its beta in 2018, so it was time for its publisher, during its finance meeting, to announce the future of the license worldwide. This time, pre-registrations for Seven Knights 2 are opening in many countries. In addition, the game gets a showcase video of the game team and the creation process.

Pre-registration for Seven Knights 2 on Android and iOS

Pre-registration for Seven Knights 2 is available on Android and iOS. From launch, players will be able to collect up to 46 different characters. Some of these characters are already known to the community from the previous title, but there are also some new heroes. The list of heroes will evolve over the course of in-game events. Once you've built your own team, you'll have the opportunity toswitch between character and pet formations to adapt your strategy. For a more interesting combat experience, you can even try your luck with raid bosses. Each one has unique skills and reaction systems that you'll need to understand to win.

The video indicates that Seven Knights I has enjoyed 60 million downloads since its release. Moreover, its virtual presenter indicates that he believes this is due to a complex and well thought-out narrative. This is the main focus of the creation of Seven Knights 2, as you will discover after pre-registration. Seven Knights 2 also aims to be an open world with superb graphics, very different from those of the first opus. And finally, if you don't like fighting alone, you can form a group of up to 8 players to fight together. Unfortunately, no release window has yet been revealed since the announcement of the pre-registration for Seven Knights 2 on Android and iOS.

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