Sigma Theory released on Android and iOS

Sigma Theory released on Android and iOS

Three years after the game release on PC, enjoy now the Sigma Theory release on Android and iOS. Let's find out what's in store for us in this futuristic cold war simulation game from Mi-Clos Studio, which mixes strategy at turn-based with storyline choices that really impact your adventure.

Sigma Theory release on mobile

With the Sigma Theory release on mobile, become the espionage unit director charged with protecting your country from external threats, unless you are the threat. In this turn-based strategy game, recruit and lead your special agents to strengthen your nation's power in the middle of a technological cold war.

The game's storyline, written by Fibre Tigre, places us in a dystopian future where scientists have developed Sigma Theory, a precognitive technology. In the wrong hands, it could be used to completely destroy society as we know it.

Your goal is to get your hands on it to give your country the advantage. To do this, you must recruit secret agents from all over the world, all of whom have their own skills and specialties. Send them on missions to gather information about technologies capable of overturning the financial system of any country.

Between turn-based strategy and textual adventure

Just like in Out There, the previous game of the French studio Mi-Clos, Sigma Theory release offers much more than a simple strategic management game. Indeed, the particularity of the game lies in its tree-like narration, which allows a great replayability.

Gameplay of the Sigma Theory release

Interact with a wide range of political, military and lobbyist characters to create alliances, blackmail or order assassinations. Each NPC has its own personality and your relationships with each of them have an impact on the course of events.

Whether you decide to act in the public eye or in the shadows, your actions have consequences that can change the fate of humanity.

So much for the Sigma Theory release, available on Android and iOS for 6.99 euros. To stay informed about the latest Android and iOS releases, I invite you to regularly check our page dedicated to new mobile games.

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