Slay the Spire: a mobile release soon?

Slay the Spire soon on mobile

Slay the Spire, the famous Rogue-Like game, could soon be released on mobile. This is, at least, what Anthony Giovannetti, co-founder of Mega Crit Games, the studio that develops the game, has suggested. Released in 2017 on PC, it has already been adapted for Playstation, Switch and Xbox but not yet on mobile. The long-awaited release is expected to be announced this Saturday at the Guerilla Collective Showcase. Android gamers will have to be a little more patient than others. The development team has given priority toiOS users, who could well enjoy the game as early as this month.

A tweet that is not very precise but which nevertheless gives hope to the players.

Slay the Spire: a successful hybrid game

Slay the Spire is a game at the crossroads between a Rogue-like and a card game. The player dives into a dungeon exploration, but must also build a deck of cards to choose his actions. This deck is built up along the way, as cards are gained in the adventure. The dungeons are randomly constructed and changeable, making each game experience unique.

The game is all the more fun because it is not simple! Slay The Spire has integrated failure into the game experience to make you want to start a new game quickly.

Official trailer of the game.

With more than 1.5 million sales achieved in March 2019, the game is dominating this new hybrid genre. Griftlands or Dicey Dungeons which belong to the same game category, have not been as successful.

No specific date announced yet

Initially, the mobile version was to be released at the end of 2019. But Mega Crit Games preferred to postpone the deadline, explaining that they wanted to do more quality tests to be sure to offer the best gaming experience on smartphones.

The company has not announced a specific date in 2020 and the community is waiting for fresh news. The co-founder has just announced that there will be a news about the mobile release in the next month. So, we are looking forward to this news (surely the official release date!).

Fans should soon be able to play the dungeons on mobile...unless the Coronavirus crisis, the American riots or other external events push the deadline back again.

Slay the Spire on Steam price
A PC price that seems ill-suited to the mobile format.

While the game costs just over 20 euros on Steam, it will only cost 9.99 dollars. A different price tag but a similar experience in every way, the development studio has promised.

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