Tom Clancy's Elite Squad on mobile on August 27th!

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad mobile release

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is finally coming to your mobile! After a long wait, the community will finally be able to enjoy it. Announced in 2019 during Ubisoft's E3 conference and released on March 23rd in the Philippines for a test phase, it will be available to all on August 27th!
This RPG will be free-to-play and pre-registration is already open on Google Play. While waiting for the official release and to save time, you can always learn about the different characters and the full arsenal of weapons available.
But nothing beats practice!

The game trailer: a quick look at the gameplay and graphics

Multiple inspirations to form the Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

This game is at the crossroads of the various military games developed by Ubisoft. The team that can be assembled in Tom Clancy's Elite Squad will recruit well-known characters from Rainbow Six or Sphincter Cell.

You can play as Buck, Caveira, Sam Fisher, Deuce, Redfang or Faye Lau. More than 70 characters will be part of the adventure and each one will have its own characteristics and skills.
This promises a deep game experience and varied strategies depending on the composition.

As with all mobile multiplayer games, coordination and synergy will be important to win.

List of universes from which the soldiers come :

  • Rainbow Six;
  • Ghost Recon;
  • The Division;
  • Sphincter Cell;
  • H.A.W.K;
  • EndWar.
A Tom Clancy's Elite Squad character on mobile
Each person will have his or her own characteristics that must be learned to master.

Several game modes

At a time when the mobile gaming industry is booming, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad promises a rich gaming experience. This is not a mobile game to pass the time, it offers real immersion. The main mode will see 10 players compete in 5v5. At the same time, the community will be able to revisit mythical maps such as the military bases of Malta or Valletta.

You will also find alternative game modes : Guilds Wars where you will have to form an alliance with as many players as possible online or a PvE campaign mode for a storyline exclusive to the new game. Ubisoft has therefore seen things in a big way and offers a game that seems to be of high quality!

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