Preparation of a Space Invaders mobile game in augmented reality

Space Invaders AR

Get your defences ready, the space invaders are coming soon and the threat is more real than ever! Indeed, Square Enix and TAITO Corporation have agreed to work together on a new mobile game project. Players will soon have the opportunity to play Space Invaders AR (Augmented Reality). This immersive technology has already proven itself in games such as Pokémon GO and should delight Space Invaders fans who will be able to find aliens on their way to the bakery or while out playing sports.

While the official release date of Space invaders AR is not yet known, it is still possible to register for the test phase. There should be several waves of test depending on your region of residence.

Space Invaders AR, from arcade to augmented reality

TAITO developed the little invaders in 1978 on arcade terminals. After successive waves and many evolutions, they will soon make their appearance in reality through our phones. The combination of classic video game and new technology seems interesting and promises to seduce a wide audience. The youngest will be tempted by the immersive aspect and the less young will surely not be able to resist the wave of nostalgia.

However, we'll have to wait to get a first glimpse of Space Invaders AR gameplay. Indeed, the presentation video only gives a small retrospective of the history of the licence.

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