Star Wars: Hunter, a new shooter coming to mobile

Star Wars: Hunter, a new shooter coming to mobile

Nintendo knows how to play up the hype with gamers. In its latest live stream, the video game giant teased the release of Star Wars: Hunter. This multiplayer game will not be based on lightsaber battles, but on shooting! It's up to you to show your opponents how good your trigger finger is. The game is still a bit mysterious for the moment and Nintendo intends to reveal details little by little to maintain the hype. So we'll have to make do with a little teaser... Which lasts less than 30 seconds and doesn't show a single glimpse of the gameplay.

The game is planned for Nintendo Switch but will also be released on iOS and Android. It remains to be seen whether it will be cross-platform or not.

Star Wars: Hunter, an adventure after the first trilogy

Star Wars: Hunter promises to please fans of the franchise, who will find a familiar universe. In terms of timing, the game will take place after the first trilogy (Stars Wars IV, V and VI) and before Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens. However, you should not expect a very extensive storyline and purists should not take the game too seriously. The main interest of the game will be the fighting. You will play as well-known characters in a specially created galactic arena. It is not yet clear who will be in the game. But the developers have promised stormtroopers, bounty hunters and heroes of the Rebellion.

Stormtroppers, Star Wars: Hunter

A competitive game

Star Wars: Hunter is still far fromesport and the game wants to keep a community spirit, where friends can play together or compete. Zynga is also banking on a free-to-play model to attract a maximum number of players. However, the studio has emphasised the competitive side of the game. We can expect an in-game ranking and even an elo system to reward the best players at the end of their frenzied games.

We'll see you later this year... There is no official release date, but Star Wars: Hunter is due to arrive in 2021!

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