The release date of Street Fighter: Duel is approaching!

Street Fighter: Duel released on mobile

The pre-registration phase for SFD is coming to an end, but you can still pre-register before the release date of Street Fighter: Duel for a few days! By registering, you will earn freerewards bonuses when the game launches. This is a usual technique of the developers to give one or more gifts to those who were the first to show their interest in the game. So, you might as well take advantage of it to get a good start in Street Fighter: Duel!

Now you can also play Street Fighter: Duel on PC for more convenience since the game was released on all media.

Street Fighter: Duel release date

We already knew that Street Fighter: Duel would be released in February. However, we were already in the last week of the month without any concrete news about the game or its worldwide release. Now we know that the release date of Street Fighter: Duel is February 28, 2023 for all regions. The next title of this Capcom fighting license will have kept us waiting since its announcement in 2021 on the official website!

Street Fighter: Duel release date on mobile

I think it's a pity that this is not a fighting game in the spirit of the original license, a real mobile Street Fighter that delivers. However, don't worry, there are good and varied fighting games on Android and iOS:

  • Flash Party for a Smash Bros-like experience;
  • Skullgirls in side view in a pure fighting spirit, with a very original art direction;
  • the Shadow Fight game series;
  • or even One Piece Bounty Rush.

We would have preferred a real fighting game?

Honestly, what's the point of an outing in the Street Fighter license other than beating up buttons to place your best shot in the ribs? I'm not sure why it was necessary to turn this iconic fighting game IP into a mundane RPG gacha. Of course, one can consider that this is to ensure that a wider audience will play it and to bring in money. But, in 2023, we know that mobile is not just a money machine.

SFD Trailer on Android and iOS

In fact, it's a medium in its own right that deserves special attention from the studios. That's why at JeuMobi we also recommend games created by independent developers who love this medium as much as you do. There are better than AA or AAA games degraded in their mobile port, but I doubt that Street Fighter: Duel will be a memorable game of the license. At least when it comes out on February 28, we'll be able to make a definitive opinion.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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