MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles released worldwide... finally!

Release of Summoners War: Chronicles in Europe server and Global

Many of you have been waiting for this day! The release of Summoners War: Chronicles in Europe is today. We tell you everything: presentation of the game, new server, where to come and play with us and how to choose the best monsters for your team. It's the launch of the EU SW Chronicles server! In fact, it's the Global Grand Opening for the whole world.

Presentation of the release of Summoners War: Chronicles

Dive in with us to the release of Summoners War: Chronicles on Android, iOS and PC worldwide. The game was already available before, with Asian servers in particular, and without any translation apart from English. Now you can finally enjoy the SW Chronicles experience in the language of your choice and on a nearby server with all the other players around you.

Release of SW Chronicles for the Global Grand Opening of Com2Us

In Summoners War: Chronicles, you choose to play as Cleaf, Orbia or Kina and create a team of unique monsters. With your most trusted companions, face the threats of this magical world and prevent Tefo's plot from coming to fruition. In the service of the King of Rahil, choose from 350 iconic SW monsters available at release and go on an adventure with your friends.

In dungeons, in raids, in arenas, in the midst of kingdom exploration, there will always be things to do and events to farm. With the release of Summoners War: Chronicles, the SW universe is more beautiful and immersive than ever. So, go ahead and check out the game today!

Play on the Europe SW Chronicles server with the Global Grand Opening

Whether you are a German, French or British player, you can find us on the liebli server. It's a pleasure to be able to finally enjoy the release of Summoners War: Chronicles on a European server with a French release. If you haven't already done so, hurry up and download the game on Play Store Android, Appstore or on PC with Steam.

Summoners War Chronicles Global Android iOS and PC release

As there will be many players on the server, I advise you to take a look at our tier list of Summonners War Chronicles monsters to make the best strategic choices for your composition. Focus your resources on the really powerful monsters because the game is not very generous. Unfortunately, this has been one of Com2Us ' bad practices in recent years, so be smart about your upgrade choices.

Join us on the liebli server with the whole FR community! We are waiting for you with the JeuMobi guild to enjoy the release of Summoners War: Chronicles in Europe.

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