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Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom collaborate for the D-Day Event

Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom collaborate for the D-Day Event

Fans of Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom are going to be delighted, as the games from Com2us and Devsisters are currently the subject of a joint event called D-Day Event. Let's discover together the information revealed about this partnership between the two games.

The D-Day Event lands in Summoners War

After a recent collaboration with Disney for the Festival of Dreams & Wishes, it is now with Summoners War that Cookie Run Kingdom is partnering for the D-Day Event. Announced on the Facebook page of Summoners War, this event will take place in several stages.

First of all, from August 13 to 29, the first part of the event A Sweet Gift for Summoners! allows you to build a Cookie Run Kingdom building on your heavenly island: the Jellybean Farm. This one produces Jellybeans that you will use in the next part of the event.

You will also get a mystical scroll every day you collect Jellybeans. However, you will only have access to these gifts at the end of the event.

The second part of the D-Day event between Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom

Then, on August 29, the D-Day event will really start in Summoners War. You will have to use the Jellybeans you have collected against the cookies that will fall on your Sky Island.

For now, we don't know the details of the rewards that this event will allow you to win, except a five star SW inspired Cookie and exclusive mystical scrolls. If in doubt, I encourage you to regularly collect your Jellybeans from the farm to make sure you have enough to unlock the best rewards.

Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom: D-Day Event

So much for the information we have on the collaboration between Summoners War and Cookie Run Kingdom. If we don't know exactly what the rewards will be, be careful not to miss the slot since you will only have 48 hours to get them. To stay informed about the news of your favorite games, I redirect you to our section dedicated to mobile news.

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