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Summoners War: Sky Arena patch 6.3.6 in detail

ROBO and Surfer in patch 6.3.6

While Summoners War: Sky Arena has been at the top of the gacha market for over 6 years now, its updates remain as regular as ever. Let's take a look at the announcement of the 6.3.6 patch for SW Sky Arena. In this update, you will find two new monsters: Sky Surfer and ROBO, each with its own specificities. However, this SW update also contains new rewards and announcements from Com2Us.

What's new in Summoners War: Sky Arena patch 6.3.6

ROBO and Sky Surfer make their appearance in patch 6.3.6 of Summoners War. Before going into details, please note a few constraints. The two new monsters cannot be used in the S5 occupation battles nor in the regional preliminary matches for SWC2021, which is globally until August 23rd.

Detail by type of ROBO SW patch 6.3.6

ROBO can be used as a defensive monster, with a support (Fire) or VP (Water or Light) bias. On the other hand, ROBO Wind or Darkness in type will allow you to play it as an Attack monster.

Sky Surfer detail by SW element

The Surfer from patch 6.3.6 is a very offensive creature, and only the Water and Darkness types will reduce its offensiveness to provide a more buff/debuff gameplay.

Also note that ROBO and Sky Surfer are subject to a special summoning event that boosts their obtainment rate. This special summoning event will run until August 29 at 5pm Paris time.

Rewards, adjustments and tournament

In addition to these two creatures, the maximum number of gems/grinders you can store in the inventory has been increased from 1200 to 1500. The rewards level 2 to 5 of Raid of Worlds have also been adjusted. You will get less mana stones, shapeshifters or arcenmons but more summoning stones in levels 3 to 5 and more heroic or legendary gems and wheels. For more information, please visit rewards and check out the SW 2021 code list.

Bugs have also been fixed. You can find the full list of bugs fixed in this 6.3.6 update at the bottom of the SW announcement.

In addition, you will now be able to check the combat rules during the combat tests or replays broadcast in your guild. With this patch 6.3.6, you may also notice the addition of the Guild Seal Shop in the Guild Shop. And finally, the reward for completing the 100th floor of the Ascension Tribunal in Hard will now be an all-attribute legendaryscroll .

To conclude on an e-sports note, we now know the dates for the preliminary stages of the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021.

  • Europe, D1 on 14 August, D2 on 15 and D3 on 21.
  • Asia/Pacific Group C, D1 on 14 August, D2 on 15 August.
  • Asia/Pacific Group D, D1 on 21 August, D2 on 22 August.

End of the reading, go drop me those new mobs !

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