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TFT patch 12.20 : the return of reroll comps ?

TFT patch 12.20 : the return of reroll comps ?

With the TFT patch 12.20, Riot Games continues the momentum of patch 12.19 with many adjustments, especially on the side of champions and their spell damage. Let's discover all the changes of this update with many buffs, nerfs and adjustments on traits, champions and augments.

TFT patch 12.20: traits changes

We begin the TFT patch 12.20 changes with the traits, and in particular the Cavaliers buff to direct the compositions Daeja, too often played with Guild champions, which are moreover nerfs on several of their bonuses. Dracomancers are also improved in 2 and 4 to reinforce their impact in mid-game.

Traits buffs

TraitsTFT patch 12.20 traits buffs
Assassin Icon TFT trait
Critical strike chance increases from 20/40/75% to 20/50/75%.
Cannoneer Icon TFT Trait
The bonus attack damage of the cannonball is increased from 150/250/450% to 150/275/450%.
Icon Cavalier TFT trait
The bonus to armor and magic resist increases from 20/45/60/75/110 to 35/50/65/85/110.
Dragonmancer Icon TFT Trait
The base power bonus is reduced from 20/35/50/70 to 25/40/50/70.
Ragewing Icon TFT Trait
The attack speed bonus is improved from 50/100/150/250% to 50/100/150/275% and the omnivampirism from 15/30/45/75% to 15/30/45/85%.
Guardian Icon TFT Trait
The shield increases from 25/40/70/125% to 25/40/80/130% of max HP.

Traits nerfs

TraitsTFT patch 12.20 traits nerfs
Darkflight TFT Icon
The VP bonus increases from 500/750/1000/1800 to 500/750/1000/1600.
Guild Icon TFT feature
The attack speed given by Twitch is reduced from 13% to 11% and the bonus multiplication from 100/110/120/130/140/150/165/180% to 100/110/120/130/140/150/160/175%.
Jade Icon TFT line
The attack speed bonus decreases from 10/30/55/88% to 10/22/55/88%.

TFT patch 12.20 : champions changes

Many changes for the champions with the TFT patch 12.20. We note in particular the big buffs for Senna and Zac, but also that of Volibear which was already very strong in the meta. On the side of the nerfs, it is Rengar, Daeja and Sohm which undergo the most important decreases of their statistics.

TFT patch 12.20 : Volibear

Champion buffs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.20 champion buffs
Icon Ezreal Champion TFT
The damage of his spell increases from 200/275/375 to 200/275/415.
Hecarim Champion TFT icon
The damage of his spell increases from 150/250/1000 to 150/250/1200.
Icon Jayce Champion TFT
The healing of his spell is improved from 150/210/375 to 150/210/550 and the magic damage from 125/175/500 to 125/175/650.
Icon Kai'Sa Champion TFT
The damage of his spell increases from 40/60/85 to 40/60/90.
Lillia Champion TFT icon
The damage of his spell is increased from 215/275/350 to 215/275/370 and from 190/240/320 to 190/240/340 in the center.
Icon Lux Champion TFT
The damage of his spell increases from 325/400/500 to 325/410/525 against the first enemy and from 175/200/230 to 175/210/240 against the other targets.
Nunu Champion TFT icon
The damage of his spell is increased from 350/500/800 to 350/500/925.
Rakan Champion TFT Icon
The shield of his spell is improved from 230/350/550 to 230/350/650.
Senna Champion TFT Icon
The magic damage bonus of his spell increases from 300/450/600 to 300/450/650 and his mana increases from 30/90 to 15/75.
Shyvana Champion TFT icon
The stun time of his spell is increased from 1.25 to 1.25/1.25/10 seconds and the damage from 80/150/500 to 80/150/1500.
Icon Swain Dragon Tyrant Champion TFT
The damage of his spell is increased from 85/120/600 to 90/130/600.
Sylas Champion TFT icon
The shield of his spell is improved from 365/415/475 to 365/415/525.
Volibear Champion TFT icon
His mana goes from 0/60 to 0/40.
Wukong Champion TFT Icon
The damage of his spell increases from 185/200/230% to 185/200/250%.
Xayah Champion TFT Icon
The damage per feather of the recall increases from 13/20/60 to 13/20/75.
Icon Zac Champion TFT
The damage of his spell is increased from 5/6/7% to 10/12/18% of HP.

Champions Nerfs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.20 champions nerfs
Ao Shin Champion TFT Icon
Ao Shin
His mana goes from 0/175 to 0/190.
Daeja Champion TFT icon
The damage of his spell is reduced from 250/350/1600 to 250/335/1350.
Icon Graves Champion TFT
The damage of his spell increases from 65/65/170% to 65/65/145%.
Karma Champion TFT icon
His spell inflicts damage reduced from 210/280/420 to 210/280/400.
Nomsy Champion TFT icon
The damage of his fireball increases from 210/300/480 to 190/270/420.
Nasus Champion TFT Icon
The damage of his spell decreases from 70/100/185 to 70/100/205.
Nilah Champion TFT Icon
The damage of his spell decreases from 130/200/1000 to 130/200/700.
Pantheon Champion TFT Icon
The base damage of his spell is reduced from 100/150/700 to 75/110/700.
Rengar Champion TFT Icon
His mana is increased from 60/120 to 70/140 and his spell damage is reduced from 255/265/275% to 240/245/275%.
Icon Seraphine Champion TFT
The damage per attack of his spell decreases from 20/35/70 to 20/35/65.
Shi Oh Yu Champion TFT Icon
Shi Oh Yu
The damage reduction of the Jade form is increased from 20/25/50% to 20/25/40%.
Sohm Champion TFT icon
The blast damage of his spell decreases from 300/420/1500 to 285/400/1400.
Sy'fen Champion TFT icon
His mana increases from 90/160 to 100/170.
Terra Champion TFT icon
His mana increases from 30/100 to 40/110. The damage of his spell decreases from 150/200/4000% to 150/200/2500% of the armor and magic resist.

Champion adjustments

ChampionsTFT patch 12.20 champions adjustments
Zoe Champion TFT icon
His HP is reduced from 1200 to 1050, the duration of his spell's attack speed bonus is increased from 5 to 5/5/30 seconds, while his spell damage is increased from 20/40/500 to 20/40/1000.

TFT patch 12.20: Augments changes

Finally, let's finish with the TFT patch 12.20 Augments changes. While no augment buffs are applied with this update, we note the removal of Jade Crest and Cutthroat, tier deletions, as well as the Beast's Den nerf, one of the best Gold augments to date.

Augments nerfs

AugmentsTFT patch 12.20 Augments nerfs
Jade Crest Icon Augment
Jade Crest
The increase has been withdrawn.
Cutthroat Icon Augment
The increase has been withdrawn.
Gadget Expert Icon Augment
Gadget Expert
The gross damage bonus of items is decreased from 33% to 25%.
Double Trouble III Icon Augment
Double Trouble
Power, armor, magic resistance and attack damage bonuses are reduced from 22/33/44% to 20/30/40%. Tiers 2 and 3 have been removed.
Beast's Den Icon Augment
Lair of the beast
The bonus to attack speed and movement speed is reduced from 35% to 25%.
Built Different III icon Augment
Built Different
Levels 2 and 3 of the increase have been removed.

Augments adjustments

AugmentsTFT patch 12.20 Augments adjustments
Scoped Weapons TFT Icon
Scoped Weapons II
The 10% attack speed bonus has been removed.
Think Fast icon Augment
Think Fast
The augment can no longer appear in round 2-1.
Personal Training icon Augment
Personal Training
Give a Jax instead of an Olaf.
Darkflight Crown TFT Icon
Darkflight Crown
Gives a Titan's Determination instead of a Protector's Vow.
Mage Crown Icon Augment
Mage Crown
Give a Lux instead of a Sylas.
Preparation I icon Augment
The HP bonus is reduced from 30/450/60 to 25/35/50 and the attack power and damage bonus is reduced from 5/7/10 to 4/5/8 per cumulative effect. Champions begin combat with one effect.

That's it for the TFT patch 12.20 changes. With buffs, nerfs and adjustments to champions, traits and augments, we can expect some changes in the meta, with less impact for Dragons and probably a return of reroll comps around 1, 2 and 3 cost champions, such as Senna, Ezreal, Zac and Kai'Sa in 3 stars.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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