TFT patch 13.10: The Mecha Prime Zero Bounty arrival

TFT patch 13.10: The Mecha Prime Zero Bounty arrival

With one month to go before the set 9 release, the TFT patch 13.10 has just arrived on the live servers. While there are very few buffs and nerfs on champions, traits and augments from the set 8.5, it's on the cosmetic rewards side that TFT welcomes change, with the arrival of the Mecha Prime Zero Bounty system. Let's take a look at all the new features in TFT patch 13.10.

Mecha Prime Zero Bounty

Gone are the eggs and hello are the treasures with the TFT patch 13.10. Indeed, this new update replaces the usual rewards cosmetics with the Mecha Prime Zero Bounty, which will be available until patch 13.12, the last of the 8.5 set. To get them, head to the store where you can buy tokens in sets of 100 for 390 RP. You can then unlock a treasure for 100 tokens, or 10 treasures for 1,000 tokens.

The cosmetics rewards available in Mecha Prime Zero Bounty will be subject to store rotation. Currently, you can choose between Malphite's maximum mecha chests and Zed's data caches. In these treasures, you have an 84% chance of getting old small legends, a 15% chance of unlocking new rare or mythical content, and only a 1% chance of getting star content, such as the new Mecha Prime Zero Arena.

TFT patch 13.10: changes to traits, champions and augments from set 8.5

Let's move on to the buffs and nerfs in TFT patch 13.10, which are few and far between. The developers of Riot Games are pleased with the current TFT meta, which they consider to be well balanced.

However, there are a few minor changes, starting with the traits. The 4 Aces execution threshold increases from 30% to 33%, the three Anima Squad bonus increases from 10 to 15 attack damage and power, while the 5 Gadgeteens bonus is reduced from 9% to 8% damage and damage reduction.

TFT patch 13.10: treasures replace eggs

Three champions are also impacted by this TFT 13.10 patch: Draven requires less mana to cast his second spell, Jax gets a base damage boost to his Adaptive Strike, while Pantheon loses magic resistance.

Finally, three TFT augments undergo changes in this update:

  • Double Trouble II: The bonus to power, attack damage, magic resistance and armor is increased from 30 to 33.
  • Double Trouble III: The bonus to power, attack damage, magic resistance and armor is increased from 40 to 44.
  • Jubilant Veil (Nilah): The maximum number of allied units immune to crowd control is increased from 5 to 6.

That's it for the TFT patch 13.10 buffs and nerfs, which shouldn't change anything about the current meta. The only notable feature of this update is the arrival of Mecha Prime Zero Bounty, which is probably a taste of the new rewards cosmetic system that awaits us for Set 9, which we will tell you about in detailed guides very soon.

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