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TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights : new classes, champions and Hextech Augments!

TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights : classes, new champions and Hextech Augments

Freshly landed on the live servers this February 16, 2022 after 2 weeks in PBE, the TFT set Neon Nights aka 6.5 promises great festivities. Let's take a look at the details of the TFT 12.4 patch Gizmos & Gadgets, the new champions, the new classes and origins, but also the multiple augments that will soon be added to our tierlist of Hextech Augments to help you choose the best optimization for each phase. If you're feeling sensitive, be prepared to shed a tear for the champions of Set 6 who are going back to the wardrobe to await their next moment of glory, as Senna and Silco will take centre stage in TFT Set 6.5.

New TFT set types Neon Nights 6.5

If we have to say goodbye to the Academy, Cuddly, Protector, Sister and Imperial types that were introduced with all the champion types in Gizmos & Gadgets, it is to better appreciate the arrival of new champion types and the reinforcement of other origins already present in the game.

Table of new classes and presentation of bonuses

Let's start by exploring the new classes and the draft boosts they can bring to your composition.

New Hextech TFT arena Neon Nights

Hextech Bonus (2/4/6/8): At the start of combat and every 5 seconds thereafter, the Hextech core containing your TFT optimisations sends a pulse that shields your Hextech champions for 4 sec. Shield holders deal bonus magic damage.(2 = 140 shield, 20 magic damage; 4 = 180 shield, 50 magic damage; 6 = 400 shield, 100 magic damage; 8 = 600 shield, 170 magic damage).

Rivals Bonus (1): With the set Neon Nights, Jinx and Vi are now opposite. You do not have to play them together to activate this trait. Vi has a 20 mana cost reduction and Jinx has a 40% attack speed boost for 3 sec after a kill.

Socialite Bonus (1/2/3/5): The Socialite class bonus is not new, but with the champions added to this type, if you have 5 Stars, your previous Socialite class bonuses are doubled.

Striker Bonus (2/4/6): TFT Set 6.5 Striker class champions boost their AD.(2 = 30 AD; 4 = 65 AD; 6 = 110 AD).

Debonair Bonus (3/5/7): Debonair champions gain HP and AP.(3 = 200 HP, 20 AP; 5 = 450 HP, 45 AP; 7 = 800 HP, 80 AP).

Mastermind Bonus (1): At the start of combat, the Mastermind offers 40 bonus mana to the two allies directly in front of him.

Find all the active classes for the champions Neon Nights in the following section. You can also compare them with the classes from Set 6 TFT at the beginning of the season.

New Debonair class in TFT Set 6.5 Draven and Leona

All the champions in bold are the new Set 6.5 TFT champions, so you can recognize the ones that changed type between Set 6 and 6.5, like Swain for example. Note that Socialite also has a special effect specific to each champion if you manage to get them in VIP. To change your VIP, simply sell your current VIP. The phrase "VIP is always the best" in the patch notes makes me think the devs have been watching Inventing Anna lately. 😂

New TypeLevel
4 & 5


Jarvan IV





StrikerJarvan IV





Note: For more details on the skills of the new Set 6.5 TFT champions, go to the dedicated section below.

Already, Jinx and Vi return in a darker light, displaying the rivalry between them rather than their blood bond, which strengthens the ties between Arcane and TFT at the halfway point. The arrival of Silco is perhaps not for nothing... We also note the appearance of a new colossus, in addition to Galio or Cho'gath, Alistar who arrives for the first time in TFT.

Jarvan IV and Sivir have been given a double new type between Hextech and Striker, directly in line with the new game mechanics. On the other hand, even if Socialite is not really a new type, 2 champions have taken the place of their comrades: Gnar and Senna. Senna is back after a small patch of absence. Did you miss her?

TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights classes and champions

Few champions have had the opportunity to convert so as not to leave the game board with the arrival of the other Set 6.5 TFT champions Neon Nights. Among them, we can mention Talon the Assassin who joins the Debonairs, Swain who takes a place of choice among the Hextech TFT champions, and Leona (who has only missed sets 4 and 4.5 since the launch of the game) who joins him.

All types and classes of Set 6.5 TFT

It's easy to get lost in the midst of all the changes. The TFT classes that stay, the ones that go, and even the champions that change sides can make the whole thing a bit confusing. So to clear things up, here's the full list of currently active Set 6.5 TFT types and classes Neon Nights, along with their bonus tiers:

  • Arcanist (2/4/6/8)
  • Assassin (2/4/6)
  • Striker (2/4/6)
  • Colossus (2)
  • Bruiser (2/4/6/8)
  • Challenger (2/4/6/8)
  • Enchanter (2/3/4/5)
  • Scholar (2/4/6)
  • Scrap (2/4/6)
  • Bodyguard (2/4/6/8)
  • Mastermind (1) - Silco
  • Glutton (1) - Tahm Kench
  • Hextech (2/4/6/8)
  • Innovator (3/5/7)
  • Enforcer (2/4)
  • Rivals (1) - Jinx or Vi
  • Clockwork (2/4/6)
  • Mercenary (3/5/7)
  • Mutant (3/5)
  • Syndicate (3/5/7)
  • Twinshot (2/3/4/5)
  • Debonair (3/5/7)
  • Sniper (2/4/6)
  • Chemtech (3/5/7/9) - making it the highest bonus type in this Set 6.5
  • Transformer (1) - Jayce
  • Socialite (1/2/3/5)
  • Yordle (3/6)

Change for the TFT champions Neon Nights

Say goodbye to almost 20 champions from Set 6 replaced by new ones. I present to you the fallen heroes and those joining the arena for future battles on the second half of the season entitled Gizmos & Gadgets - Neon Nights.

Heroes removed from Gizmos & Gadgets

Lux student Set 6 teamfight tactics

So here is the list of champions that are disappearing from the board for Set 6.5 of TFT Neon Nights. They are sorted by origin so you can easily find the heroes that bring the bonuses you use most frequently. There are obviously a lot of Academy champions since the type is no longer part of Teamfight Tactics this season, on the current set.

Name of the championOriginClassesLevel / Cost
YuumiAcademyScholarly, Cuddly5
Twisted FateSyndicateArcanist1
JannaScrapEnchanter, Scholar4
SionImperialColossus, Protector4
Kog'MawMutantSniper, Twinshot2
TristanaYordleSniper Rifle2

New Set 6.5 champions at the halfway point

New TFT Hextech Champion Class Set 6.5 Neon Nights

Some of the heroes from 6.5 will be familiar to you as, although they are new champions for this season, you will know them from previous TFT sets. Let's celebrate the return of these historic TFT champions with a nice table showing you the Neon of Night champions who are joining the game.

Name of the championOriginClassesLevel / CostCompetence
AhriSyndicateArcanist4Ahri emits an orb that deals 125/190/450 (x AP) magic damage in a straight line over 5 hexes before returning to her. She projects 1/1/2 additional orb(s) each cast, inflicting 80% of the damage of the first.
AlistarHextechJuggernaut4Alistar charges towards his target and pushes it away before slamming his fists into the ground to deal 200/350/1200 (x AP) magic damage to nearby enemy champions in addition to stunning them for 2/2.5/8 sec.
AsheSyndicateSniper Rifle2Ashe fires a volley of 6/7/8 arrows at a target, each inflicting 100% of its AD in physical damage and reducing the enemy champion's attack speed by 15% for 3 (x AP) sec.
BrandDebonairArcanist1Brand fires a fireball at the nearest enemy champion, igniting it for 4 sec and dealing 120/160/210 (x AP) magic damage. As in LoL, if the enemy is already on fire, it suffers an additional 150/225/300 (x AP) blast and a 1/1.5/2 sec stun.
CorkiYordleTwinshot2Corki launches a missile at his target which explodes, dealing 200/260/33 (x AP) magic AoE damage around the impact. The Set 6.5 Neons of Night is Corki's first appearance in TFT, so this bomber will have to make its way into the meta!
DravenDebonairChallenger4Draven spins his blade, allowing his next basic attack to deal 150/200/500 (x AP) (+ 150/160/400% AD) bonus physical damage.
3Gnar transforms into a Mega as in LoL and sends a boulder towards the furthest enemy (at max casting distance), dealing a total of 150/200/300 (+ 185% AD) physical damage to all enemy champions in the path. Gnar becomes a melee champion and his Mega form grants him a bonus of 500/750/1200 (x AP) HP as well as a reduction in his mana costs.
Back after an absence since the 3.5 set, Gnar is one of TFT's historical champions.
IreliaScrapStriker4Irelia dashes to her target, dealing 90/135/600 (x AP) (+ 180% AD) physical damage. In addition, if she kills the targeted champion, she re-launches her attack at the enemy with the lowest HP.
Jarvan IVHextechStriker2Jarvan IV plants his standard to boost the attack speed of nearby allied champions by 40/50/70% (x AP) for 5 sec.
Kha'ZixMutantAssassin4Kha'Zix jumps on the enemy with the lowest HP. He hits them with 175/225/500 (x AP) (+ 195/200/225% AD) physical damage and increases the mana cost (+50%) of his target until his next skill cast.
LucianHextechTwinshot3Lucian pulls away with a dash and fires 2/2/3 rounds each inflicting 175/225/300 (x AP) magic damage. A cruel TFT shooter Set 6.5.
MorganaSyndicateEnchanter3Combining 425/550/750 (x AP) black shield for 3 sec and the chain mechanic of her LoL ulti, Morgana accumulates her shield and a 2-hex radius trapping of enemies with 80/120/175 (x AP) magic damage and a 1.5/5/2.5 sec stun if the shield is maintained until the end of its duration. Otherwise, Morgana recovers 30 mana.
NocturneHextechAssassin1Nocturne stuns its target for 2/2.5/3.5 sec and deals 200/300/400 (x AP) magic damage over time.
2Rek'Sai inflicts a 100/150/200 (x AP) bite (+ 125% AD) on his foe and robs him of 30/35/40% magic and armor RES while regenerating 150/250/450 HP.
Having not appeared since set 2, Rek'Sai is almost a fossil on the TFT scale, so let's hope he has his success in Set 6.5.
2Sejuani's mount charges to deal 275/400/650 (x AP) magic damage and stun the enemy champion for 1.5/2/3 sec. It also boosts with ice armour at 75/100/150 armour bonus and additional magic RES for 4 sec.
SennaSocialiteEnchanter3Senna casts her skill in a straight beam of 80/125/200 (+ 160% AD) physical damage. For each enemy hit, Senna heals 50% (x AP) of the damage dealt to her ally with the lowest HP.
SivirHextechStriker4For 5 seconds, Sivir grants himself 60/80/250% (x AP) extra attack speed and bounces his throws (max 4 bounces) for 33% of his AD in physical damage within 5 hexes.
SyndraDebonairScholar2Syndra causes an enemy to fly like a minion, dealing 225/325/500 (x AP) magic damage and dropping it back down on other champions to stun them for 2/2.5/3 sec.
TryndamereChemtechChallenger3Tryndamere twirls to the largest group of enemies in a straight path, dealing 60/90/150 (+100% AD) physical damage to enemies and boosting his next three basic attacks with an additional 20% damage.
Tryndamere joins his beloved Ashe in the 6.5 TFT Neon Nights .

Unpublished characters

Zeri and Zilco champions Set 6.5 new TFT classes

However, these old-timers won't be alone in the 6.5 set as new characters more or less related to Arcane join the usual roster. There are three new heroes who are coming to lend a hand or infiltrate the ranks of TFT for the first time, each at level 5.

NameOriginClassesLevel / CostCompetenceAdvice
SilcoMastermindScholar5Make your lowest HP champion drink a dangerous potion. This boosts his HP, attack speed and gives him immunity to CC. At the end of the buff, the unit explodes, inflicting damage, as with a boost from Chemtech.Silco excels when he has 2 allies to boost in front of him, as his 2 types give him mana. So consider playing him with champions from the TFT 6.5 set with strong ultimate skills to crush your opponents with increased speed.
Renata GlascChemtechScholar4Sends a foul-smelling wave towards the largest pack of enemies nearby. The poison affects all enemy units in its path until the end of the fight and afflicts them with a reduction in attack speed and low magic damage per second accumulated with each wave Renata casts.Renata will be best positioned near the front lines, closer than standard carrys, because of the short range of her skill. Hextech Gunblade and Morellonomicon seem to be the perfect choice to reinforce this new toxic champion that takes the place of Urgot in Gizmos & Gadgets.
ZeriDebonairSniper Rifle5Zeri jumps up to an enemy and unleashes an electric nova of AoE magic damage that also increases the mana costs of affected enemies' skills, before returning to her spot. For several seconds, his attacks have an electrical and piercing bonus.Zeri's action to increase mana costs for enemies in a given area can be countered by the influence of Silco and his early game mana boost. Zeri 's appeal in the Neon Nightspatch, however, is enhanced by his passive, which allows him to inflict magical damage on the first enemy hit by his bullet burst, which is his basic attack.

Note that Silco is the only one of his kind, a lone criminal Mastermind who cannot participate in a new bonus for his team except through his Scholar class.

News Hextech Augments Neon Nights

With Neon Nights, the first step is to clean up the Hextech Augments classes that are still in synergy with the classes that are leaving the stage. Note the disappearance of someHextech Augments that you were probably using:

  • Academy Heart/Crest/Soul
  • Imperial Heart/Crest/Soul
  • Protector Heart/Crest/Soul
  • Dual Rule
  • Cram Session
  • All For One

That's it for the Hextech Augments which may come back later. Moving on, the new TFT increases for this Set 6.5 and the other major points of the update, notably the opponent tracking.

New Hextech Augments from Set 6.5 updated

On the other hand, 80 new optimisations are announced for the mid-term Set 6.5. We won't be able to deal with all of them, but they will be added to a new tier list of Hextech Augments 6.5.

Striker champ composition on Teamfight Tactics LoL

Among them, some have been highlighted in the patch notes on the official website:

  • Blue Battery (Silver, Gold): Your champions recover a fixed amount of mana after a cast of their skill.
  • High Five (Prismatic): You immediately get 3 Tier 5 champions (at a cost of 5 AP).
  • The Golden Egg (Prismatic): You get a golden egg that will take five turns to hatch to give you a great reward.
  • Tri Force (Silver, Prismatic Gold): Good for midgame on this Set 6.5 TFT, this augment gives your 3-PO champions a boost in mana, HP, and attack speed.
  • Double Trouble (Silver/Gold, Prismatic): If you have two identical champions on the board, they each get a boost to attack damage, power, armour and magic RES. If you level up a unit that took part in the previous battle, you get a copy of it on the bench.
  • Tiny Titans (Prismatic): Your tactician recovers 35 VP and can even exceed 100 VP.
  • Recombobulator (Silver): If you like randomness, you may enjoy this original boost as the Recombobulator replaces every champion on your board with one costing 1 OP more. You also get 2 Magnetic Suppressors.
  • Radiant Relics (Prismatic): an armory menu appears, allowing you to choose a radiant item among 4 items. It's the return of the forge!
  • Thieving Rascals (Gold): An item component can appear spontaneously at Yordle .
  • Future Sight (Gold, Prismatic): You get a free zephyr/zephyr of light and now know your next opponent every round.

If Jinx and Vi can no longer fight together or risk losing their respective bonuses, perhaps two Jinx or two Vi boosted by Evil Twin can do the trick on TFT and his Set 6.5. 😏

Debonair composition on TFT Set 6.5

On the other hand, P'tits Titans can boost the morale of those who rely on their lose streak to raise money and Future Vision will allow you to optimise your unit placement for the next opponent. Finally, there are other Hextech Augments that you will have to discover in-game during your games! Don't hesitate to give us your opinion on the new optimizations in comments.

Other important points of the 12.4 update

On the premium side, TFT and its Set 6.5 are equipped with new little legends (tacticians) in neon and bright colours, as well as a toxic board and another Hextech board. Head to the combat pass to get a maximum of rewards premium cosmetics.

Teamfight Tactics Toxitorium Arena skins

Don't rely on your GA to save the day. The Guardian Angel has been replaced by the Edge of Night, an anti-burst item that is easier to balance.

In addition, the new Scouting Opponent Hint System allows you to see on the map who you have faced recently and therefore determine at a glance who you are not likely to face again in the early rounds. Added to this is the use of the Hextech Vision Augment, which allows you to know your next opponent without him knowing it (unless you spend too much time on his board!).

Tacticians and legends of Set 6.5 TFT

Finally, the TFT history and endgame report become more accurate with TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights. You can now see the optimisations you have chosen and other details that will prevent you from making the same mistake twice... or ten times.

That's all for this patch 12.4 which brings to the TFT live servers the Set 6.5. I hope you have all the information you need to have a good time!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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