Release of the game The Unfinished Swan on iOS

The Unfinished Swan is released on ios

The Unfinished Swan is now available on mobile , but for now only iOS users will have the opportunity to play this puzzle game. For those with an Android phone, there is no choice but to play on PC (Steam) or Playstation.

The range of mobile games on offer continues to diversify and The Unfinished Swan a little out of the ordinary. It won't be a strategic war game like Company of Heroes or even a role-playing game like Ni No Kuni. It is a painting game that gives players the opportunity to reveal their artistic fibre ! In a poetic universe and a relaxing atmosphere, those who are looking for a serene pastime should take a look at it. It is available for 5.49 euros on the AppStore.

A quick video preview of the game.

The Unfinished Swan A mobile experience in peace and quiet

The mobile gamer is not always looking for gaming experiences filled with sparks and exposure. The Unfinished Swan The game offers the opportunity to relax in peace and quiet, while enjoying a very artistic game setting. The aim is to progress through the levels by painting the originally completely empty scenery yourself.
This adventure will take you to a fantasy realm that should blow your mind. But to make sure that rest does not mean monotony, the levels become more complicated as you progress. You will also encounter creatures in your paintings. Whether benevolent or hostile, you'll have to handle brushes and palette carefully to avoid getting stuck.

Image The Unfinished Swan mobile
Come and express your creativity!

The storyline seems simple and childish at first. You play as Monroe, an orphan who has only one memory of his mother: a painting of a swan. However, the swan has flown away and you must go in search of it. But as you explore, the plot becomes more and more complex, leading you into a melancholic story that should not leave you indifferent.

A game that has already proven itself

The Unfinished Swan is only now coming to mobile, but many already know the licence. Originally released in 2012 on Playstation 3, it took its time to arrive on our phones. At the time the game received very good reviews and some rewards notables. Among them, two BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards in 2012.

Gameplay The Unfinished Swan mobile
No notable new features.

However, it is difficult to predict how the game will be received 8 years later. The developers have not put forward any striking new features, except for themobile experience.
The Unfinished Swan mobile is developed by the creators of the PC game What Remains of Edith Finch, a narrative adventure game with very original gameplay. We'd like to see what this game will be like on mobile !

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