Avec The Witcher : Monster Slayer, CD Projekt tente la réalité augmentée

Aperçu du jeu mobile The Witcher.

Every video game player has surely played or heard of the game series The Witcher, based on the novels of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. There are currently 3 installments and several expansions. They are very popular with fans, for the medieval fantasy world and the scenarios full of mystery and intrigue. The game is based on a deep open world and elaborate graphics, so The Witcher has always stayed away from mobile gaming.

But Spokko, a subsidiary of CD Projekt, has made some noise by presenting the mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer. While we're still waiting for more details to get excited about it, it's still very good news for iOS and Android users eager for combat and discovery.

NPCs for The Witcher on mobile
Your mobile device immerses you in the dark world of The Witcher.

The Witcher: a rich universe guaranteed even on mobile

The Witcher: Monster Slayer will take place in the same universe as the rest of the saga, but years before the adventures of Gerald, the White Wolf. At that time, Wizards are already vital to maintaining the balance and you will play as one of them. It is therefore your job to control and fight the many monsters of the Continent. Not all of them are inherently evil or bad, but they often threaten humans. And since monsters are not known for being reasonable, you will have to use the hard way.

To ensure you have the upper hand, you'll need to improve your character's characteristics, equip yourself appropriately and equip yourself with an effective arsenal: potions, traps and other homemade bombs.

AR RPG immersion in The Witcher : Monster Slayer

The Witcher mobile game in Augmented Reality

This RPG-style game will be far from trivial, however, because it will make use of Augmented Reality. In the same way as Pokemon GO before it, the game will offer an intense immersive experience. This will be even more true if The Witcher mobile game incorporates the occlusion techniqueThis will be even more the case if The Witcher mobile game incorporates Augmented Reality, which is the use of proximity between objects to cast a shadow. The intensity and spread of the shadow must vary depending on the light source detected by the phone to be effective.

example of ambient occlusion according to Nvidia
Comparison by Nvidia without ambient occlusion (left) VS with (right)

If you stick your fingers or put an object on a table, you will notice a very dark shadow where the two elements are particularly close, and this is exactly what video games use as a technique, in general, to give more depth to virtual elements.

Getting back to the game, your mobile will transform the environment around you to include both new and familiar monsters (Barghest, Shaelmaar, Succubi...). If you feel up to the challenge, danger has never seemed so close and the monsters never so real.

Gameplay trailer for The Witcher : Monster Slayer

Depending on your position, the game will launch alerts to spot monsters in the vicinity. You'll need to take into account the geography of your environment and the weather conditions to take advantage of this. While it is assumed that playing in the rain is not advisable, for your health and that of your phone, it will certainly be a case of paying attention to the light conditions (day/night) and perhaps the temperature outside.

A monster from The Witcher game on mobile.
Monsters can appear anywhere!

Side quests to diversify the experience

For those who are afraid of getting bored, it won't just be about chasing monsters to study or kill them. There will also be a story and quests to complete. In a style more familiar to The Witcher games, the development studio has promised to build on already known storylines...

Collectable trophies in the witcher
Collectable trophies to prove your worth as a Wizard

We should therefore be able to meet up with some of the characters we met or mentioned in the saga. The Witcher: Monster Slayer seems to appeal to both new mobile gamers and old fans, on paper. The studio promises that we will have the opportunity to learn even more about this bewitching universe.

Keeping up to date with the release date

In addition to the presentation video and the gameplay trailer, the game has its own website. This allows players to sign up to be kept informed of the project's progress. There is no official release date yet, but Spokko has promised that an announcement will be made before the end of the year. In any case, as the current period is more about containment and protective masks, this may not be the right time to release a game that encourages exploration .

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