Pre-registration for Tower of God: New World is now open!

Pre-registration for Tower of God: New World Android and iOS mobile game

The Tower is calling you, adventurer! Embark on the epic journey of this gacha RPG and follow Bam through an epic story, faithful to the original work. NetMarble, the publisher of this mobile game, has opened pre-registration for Tower of God: New World, soon to be available on Android and iOS, and to find out how to pre-register and play the game as soon as it's released, it's over here.

The ascent of the tower awaits you, take up the challenge

Based on the original Tower of God, a Korean WebToon published in France by Ototo, the story follows Bam the 25th, a young man with amnesia in search of his childhood friend who has passed through the gates of the mysterious Tower.

Tower of God New World's main characters ready for battle!

Just like Tower of God: Great Journey, an RPG released in Asia on April 20 for Android, ToGNW pre-registrations prepare you to relive the original story with 3D cinematics entirely composed for the occasion. You'll also have the chance to collect the game's characters to assemble the best team for your successful ascent of the Tower.

How to pre-register for Tower of God: New World, we tell you everything

Pre-registration for Tower of God New World recently opened on the official website of the game's publisher, NetMarble. Here's how to pre-register by phone:

  1. Click on the button (top right) in your device's store (or go directly to the ToG game's Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS pages).
  2. Click on the pre-registration button on your device's store page. (The Google Play store is also available on PC for Android pre-registration!)

You're now pre-registered. Congratulations! Now all you have to do is wait for the game to launch, and when you log in for the first time, you'll receive the ToG mobile pre-registration reward: the SSR Bam le 25eme card (not to be missed!). The reward is available once per account and per server.

Pre-registration for Tower og God mobile

Please also note that on the Discord server, you'll find details of various community events. Want to discover other mobile trading card games before the global release of Tower of God: New World? Discover the famous Hearthstone, the popular Clash Royale or Summoners War: Lost Centuria. Your mobile adventure has just begun!

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