Trials of Mana mobile coming soon to Android and iOS

Trials of Mana mobile

Trials of Mana is coming soon to mobile. Square Enix wants to reach more people and is extending its games to mobile devices. After the remastered Final Fantasy, it's the turn of Trials of Mana, already released on Switch, PC and PS4. Let's see what this porting looks like 😉

Trials of Mana mobile release date, price and gameplay

After revealing the release date of NieR Reincarnation and the first FF Pixel Remaster titles, Square Enix is continuing its momentum. Following on from Secret of Mana and the other media versions of the game, Trials of Mana is set to make its debut on Android and iOS. In the particular context of the 30th anniversary of the licence, Square Enix has shared the actual release date of the game. Indeed, the official website states that Trials of Mana will be available on July 15, 2021 for $23.99.

So why play this game? To put it simply, it is a narrative role-playing game with a very advanced combat system. Indeed, it will be possible to alternate simple strikes, devastating attacks, magic, jumps and even class attacks. This remaster presented in High Definition allows you to choose three characters to play from a list of six. The goal is to save the Mana tree with your best team!

Characters available in Trials of Mana Android and iOS
Characters available in Trials of Mana Android and iOS

Trials of Mana is already available on the App Store and Google Play and is part of the ever-growing wave of games from renowned licenses being ported to smartphones. You can pre-register to receive notification of the game's release.

See you in a few days to see what the Trials of Mana mobile remaster is worth. 😁

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