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Tsareena announced for Pokémon Unite

Exit Tsareena in Pokémon Unite

The content additions are coming to Pokémon Unite! Just two weeks after the arrival ofDecidueye, the game announces the release of Tsareena. The latter will enter the arena on December 9th. Pokémon A plant from the seventh generation and the Pokémon Sun and Moon games, Tsareena will be the 26th to join the MOBA.

Release of Tsareena for free on Pokémon Unite

According to early reports, Tsareena will be a versatile Pokémon , the first to join the game since its release on Switch in July 2021. A little company for our other four multi-talents Garchomp, Charizard, Lucario and Machamp. Let's discover the gameplay of Tsareena in its trailer available on the official channel.

No need to spend thousands of Aeos Points for Tsareena. The Unite license of our Pokémon plant will be available for free by logging in after the December 9th update. Don't miss it, this gift will only be available for a limited time.

Hand-to-hand abilities only

The gameplay preview suggests that the Pokémon humanoid will only be played in melee with its legs as its best weapon. Tsareena from Pokémon Unite has two sub-evolutions: BounsweetThe first one is the new humanoid, with which the trainer will start the game, and the second one is the new humanoid. Steenee for two levels. The first evolution will take place at level 4 and the second at level 6. You'll need to think about XP to ensure you win the game!

The game will start with Bounsweet
This will continue at level 4 with Steenee

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