Uncharted Waters Origin released on iOS and Android

Uncharted Waters Origin released on iOS and Android

If I say Uncharted and you say Nathan Drake, it's probably because you haven't heard of the Korean naval exploration game. The release of Uncharted Waters Origin sends you out to conquer the new world this week, with all sails set. Let the waves carry you to the New World for exciting adventures on Android and iOS.

Uncharted Waters Origin released worldwide

After opening its pre-registration at the end of January, the maritime sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin finally announces its release on March 7. The license builds this new opus on 30 years of successes gathered in an inspiring game developed via Unreal Engine 4. The gameplay phases are numerous and don't look the same, but inspire the renewal of exploration from one session to the next.

Release of Uncharted Waters Origin on mobile maritime sandbox

As you set out to conquer the New World in the 16th century, you'll be able to establish trade routes, confront those who stand in your way to glory, and even get involved in all the local adventures that await you at sea and on land.

With the release of Uncharted Waters Origin, become a fearsome explorer aboard your personal Black Pearl on the world's oceans in search of great destinations. You can download the game now on Android and iOS.

A game with multiple rewards and well located

Translated into English, Japanese and Chinese at the time of its release, Uncharted Waters Origin will be available for free on Android and iOS, which will let you test this game that got no less than 4 rewards at the Korea Game Awards, especially for its scenario and soundtrack. In fact, the title from LINE Games and Koei Tecmo was already released last summer in South Korea and finally starts its worldwide release 6 months later.

If you've tried the game, don't hesitate to tell me what you thought of it in comments or to recommend other mobile sandboxes!

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